Summer is finally over, which means the high season for traveling to Europe is nearing its end as well.

In only a few weeks, stronger winds will sweep across the Old Continent, and several popular tourist hotspots will begin shutting down as they prepare for the colder months to come.

While a Transatlantic trip could sound less attractive to some in a colder climate, it’s worth noting not all of Europe will be cooling down in the immediate future. In fact, much of Southern Europe could stay warm and make for a perfect off-season getaway.

Here are 4 lesser-known sunny spots in Europe that are set to enjoy high, summer-like temperatures throughout this fall and also smaller crowds:

Menton, France

A hidden pearl of France’s Côte d’Azur, Menton is the last French town before the border with Italy, and understandably so, very multicultural in character.

Colorful Houses Of Menton, On The French Riviera, Southern France, Mediterranean Europe

Its pastel-colored, closely packed buildings feel more Italian than French proper, and you may even hear Ligurian dialects spoken on the streets.

Either way, Menton is a one-of-a-kind weekend getaway. Sandwiched between two countries, it combines both the traditional charm of the Italian Riviera – think a slow-paced lifestyle, fresh citron pressé and cobblestones – and the unspoken elegance of the French Mediterranean.

Though the local beach is pebbly, which may be a bit of a nuisance to some, the waters are crystal clear, and the long boardwalk is incredibly multicultural to stroll, lined with gelato stalls and artisan workshops and stretching all the way into Italy.

A Young Woman Wearing A Summery Dress As She Explores Menton, France, Mediterranean Coast

Additionally, staying at a 3-star hotel in Old Town Menton will set you back by only $76 per night this fall.

Paphos, Cyprus

One of the trendiest resort zones in the Eastern Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus, Paphos is renowned for its year-round warmer weather, long, endless miles of sandy beaches, and turquoise-colored shallow lagoons.

As it is geographically located in the Middle East – despite being culturally European – Cyprus boasts scorching summers and pleasantly warm autumns, with the best time to visit being actually between August and late October, when it’s not too hot out.

Aerial View Of Paphos, In Cyprus, East Mediterranean Sea

Visiting Paphos this fall, you will be met with less crowded beaches, a more youthful atmosphere, as there will be very few families on vacation, and affordable beachfront stays, with rates starting at only $121 for the Queens Bay Hotel on this October.

Sanlucar de Barrameda, Spain

An autonomous region within Spain, Andalusia is the hottest region in all of Europe this fall, with temperatures soaring above 86°F degrees across several cities, but if there’s one beach spot that is set to make headlines, what with its vibrant nightlife and summery weather, is Sanlucar.

Surfers on the beach at el palmar spain

Officially called Sanlucar de Barrameda, it is a smaller coastal city on the shores of the Mediterranean, a short one-hour drive from Seville, home to an array of different historical sights, including a medieval castle and a charming Old Town, and a 6 km-long, 50 meter-wide sandy beach.

Plenty of space to lounge and bask in the sun, especially in the low season, when most holidaymakers will have already made it back home.

With hotel rates as cheap as $64, Sanlucar is one of the most affordable sunny breaks in this part of the world.

wine and tapas on the beach in Andalusia Spain

Hvar, Croatia

A paradise island off the mainland coast of Dalmatia, one of the main ethnic groups comprising the country of Croatia, Hvar has been recently named the new ‘Ibiza’, in recognition of its subtropical atmosphere, paradisaical beaches, up-and-coming resort scene, and riotous nightlife.

Throughout the tourist season, which lasts from summer until late fall, guests will find a myriad of beach clubs and bars operating until late hours, including the trendiest one on the island, Carpe Diem, and the central Veneranda Club, hosting techno parties and famous DJ sets.

The Franciscan Monastery On The Shores Of The Turquoise Waters Of The Adriatic Sea, The Northern Arm Of The Mediterranean Sea, On The Island Of Hvar, Croatia, Southern Europe

The cost of accommodation for one-week stays in Hvar this fall will set you back by roughly $2,000 for a mid-range B&B or hotel room, with overnight rates at the extremely popular Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort starting from only $162.

As a cultural destination, this small island is not to be underestimated, either, as it is home to one of Croatia’s oldest settlements in Stari Grad and centuries-old historical fortresses that rival Dubronvik’s in beauty.

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