It’s easy to reel off the names of European cities to add to your travel bucket list, but what if you are looking for somewhere a little different from the usual suspects like Paris, Rome, or Barcelona?

Heading north could well be the answer you seek – more specifically, to the capital of Sweden.

Stockholm is an enchanting place, offering you the chance to experience a different side of Europe that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Here are 7 reasons why Stockholm deserves a place on that bucket list:

Unique Sights And Attractions

gold crown on a bridge in stockholm with royal palace in the background

Stockholm is a city like nowhere else – rich in nautical history and home to many fascinating museums, exquisite palaces, and modern Scandinavian architecture.

Some things you can’t miss while exploring the capital of Sweden include the famous Gamla Stan region, the Royal Palace, the City Hall, and the Monteliusvägen.

The city is a crisscross of bridges and waterways and is rich in green spaces, parks, and areas for pedestrians and cyclists to move around freely.

Flights To Sweden Are Getting More Frequent

tail of a scandinavian airlines sas plane against a blue sky

It’s getting easier all the time to fly to Stockholm from the United States.

Both Delta and United have plans in place to expand their services to Stockholm Arlanda airport from both Newark and JFK airports this summer.

At their peak, there will be as many as 5 nonstop flights per day and around 30 per week.

You can also fly the New York to Stockholm route with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS).

Safe Solo Travel Destination

solo female traveler walking along a bridge in stockholm sweden

Sweden is known as being a generally safe destination for solo travelers – the country ranks inside the top 30 in the latest Global Peace Index.

Stockholm embodies the safe feeling that Sweden has and is subsequently a favorite European city destination of many of our writers here at Travel Off Path.

The city is packed with highly rated hostels at generally affordable prices compared to the hotels, making it ideal for those who like to travel solo.

The U.S. State Department has Sweden ranked as Level 2, which is mainly due to the possibility of terrorist attacks – of course, these are unlikely, but something you should be aware of.

Somewhere You Can Avoid The Crowds 

Panorama Of Gamla Stan, The Old Town Of Stockholm, Sweden, Scandinavia, Northern Europe

If you’re worried about hordes of tourists spoiling your next soiree to the European continent, then Stockholm is a great place to head to as it was recently rated as one of the least crowded cities to visit in Europe this year.

Sure, you won’t get the guaranteed warmth, sunshine, and beaches that you might in Spain or Portugal, but Stockholm has many of its own charms, and can actually be quite pleasant in mid-summer despite how far north it is.

The cobbled streets, pretty bridges, and delightful cafes of Stockholm are even more enjoyable to explore without huge crowds of tourists.

See Some Of Europe’s Most Underrated Islands

aerial view of lush green islands in the stockholm archipelago sweden

Once you’ve explored the delights of the city, the next best thing you can do in the Swedish capital is check out the nearby archipelago.

This collection of more than 30,000 different islands of all shapes and sizes can be easily accessed from the city on several different boat services – you can be on some of the closer islands within just 20 minutes.

These islands can show you Stockholm’s connection to water in a deep way and are perfect places for a picnic, scenic walks, and even some swimming if it’s warm enough.

Packed Events Calendar This Year

pride parade celebration in stockholm sweden

Stockholm is a city that comes alive once spring and summer arrive, with a huge array of events, fairs, and other entertainment that can really make a trip.

2024 will be no exception, with some of the highlights including Stockholm Culture Night (April 20), Stockholm Pride (August 5), Stockholm Culture Festival (August 14), the Baltic Sea Festival (August 23-31), and Stockholm Jazz Festival (October 11-20).

Sweden Is A Vibe

coffee and pastry in the swedish tradition of fika

It’s easy to lump the Scandinavian countries together in your head and think that they are all very similar, but that’s very far from the truth.

Sweden has a unique culture that is laid back and welcoming, and incorporates some delightful customs such as fika – a ritual where people make time in their day to enjoy coffee and cake with friends. 

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