A Cheesy Revolution! A.I. takes charge and creates a ‘Submelt’ sensation

To unveil its revolutionary, expert-crafted set of extra cheesy, mouth-watering hot subs toasted to perfection launched across the UAE, KSA and Kuwait, Subway kicked off a series of groundbreaking activities powered by revolutionary technology, including the latest in A.I. software imaging and feelings of nostalgia.

Seeking to unlock feel-good memories, the brand hosted an exclusive blind taste preview of its new SubMelts with six unwitting participants from across the region. With each bite, the tasters were asked to describe their experience in vivid detail – everything from the first bite, the stretch of the cheese, and their perfect last mouthful. The results did not disappoint, with each participant unlocking nostalgic, feel-good memories of diving into their favorite cheese sandwich.

Inspired by the region’s love of extra cheese, the SubMelts took each contestant down memory lane, recalling times of joy – from childhood moments of breakfast with the family to post-game rituals with siblings and more. As the contestants relived these fond memories, Subway’s tech team transcribed their every word, feeding it to Midjourney, the latest A.I. imaging machine. Midjourney then created custom A.I. portraits for the contestants, combining their first impressions of the SubMelt with their favorite memories.

The first participant, reminded instantly of her late-night movie nights when she bit into the sandwich, received an image illustrating a cozy, quiet weekend with a SubMelt. The next mentioned how the SubMelt took him back to his younger days with his brother when they began their lunch tradition. With the story fed to Midjourney, the A.I. engine created a picture of him and his brother sharing a meal. The third, whose son loves to spend time on the beach, received a depiction of a sunset beach picnic with her son, all enjoying a hearty and delicious SubMelt. And so, with each picture printed, the participants reminisced the beautiful memories and were transported to the moments they had described.

Subway is known for its endless customization of subs, but with the introduction of SubMelts, the brand has crafted four unique builds by experts that speak right to those cheese lovers, bringing consumers in for more! To bring the new SubMelts to life with a bang, Subway also partnered with Vertex, the renowned 3D production house, to bring the sandwiches to take over the streets. The unique video produced sees hot and cheesy SubMelts soar across the skyline with the help of drones as an epic stretch of melting cheese maneuvers the sky.

In addition, to emphasize the element of nostalgia and reinforce the SubMelts’ role as the ultimate comfort food, Subway teamed up with Cinema Akil, the GCC’s first independent cinema known for its vintage theater aesthetic, offering guests complimentary SubMelts to indulge in as they binge on their favorite feel-good movie.

The Subway SubMelts, available at outlets across the UAE, KSA, and Kuwait, feature four speciality panini-style toasted sandwiches – The Big Cheese Steak, Chicken and Mushroom Supreme, Dynamite Chicken, and Bella Mozzarella. With these, customers have the convenience of hearty food with the same Subway taste that people love.

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