Americans have been on a traveling spree all year long and it doesn’t appear that will stop in 2024. Europe has become home to many tourist hotspots and airlines have taken notice by adding new routes.

There are so many amazing places to visit across Europe but not all of them are the easiest to reach. Even some major U.S. hubs don’t offer nonstop flights to some of Europe’s best destinations.

One country that has been trending throughout the year is Portugal. Travelers visit for a variety of reasons but it’s hard to find anyone disappointed with their trip.

One of America’s most popular airlines, United Airlines, just announced a new route to one of the most postcard-worthy cities in Portugal.

You are probably familiar with Lisbon, and maybe even Porto. But have you heard of Faro? Let’s take a look at why United chose this sunny Portuguese city as their exciting new route.

Why Faro?

tourist in faro

United already offers the biggest route network to Portugal with year-round direct flights to some of the country’s top destinations, such as Porto, Lisbon, and The Azores, which are some of Europe’s most breathtaking islands.

The flights have been such a big success as Portugal is one of the trendiest destinations globally that United basically said, “why not add another gem?”.

Faro may not be an island like The Azores, but it still offers stunning coastlines with awe-inspiring scenery. Travel + Leisure dubbed it the “California of Europe” with warm, sunny weather practically all year.

tourist at gorgeous beach near faro

A smaller city compared to Lisbon and Porto, but it holds weight in terms of natural wonders and cultural sites.

In fact, Faro is the capital city of the Algarve region, Portugal’s southernmost coast that makes you feel you’re at the end of the world looking out at its vast blue waters.

Head to some of the other smaller nearby beach towns, such as Evaristo, and you will find the serenity you’ve long been searching for.

Faro’s First-Ever Direct Flight From The U.S.

united airplane taking flight

United proudly announced their latest flight additions heading into the new year. The biggest of them all was the first-ever direct flight from the U.S. to Faro.

Travelers will have to wait a bit as the groundbreaking route isn’t taking place until May 24, 2024. But hey, it never hurts to plan ahead!

That might be the best way to go about it since flights won’t be offered every day. There will only be four flights per week from just one U.S. airport – New York/Newark (EWR).

Of course, United can’t be satisfied with just one new route. They are also bringing back other popular routes all across Europe from later winter to late May:

couple on bench in faro

  • Washington (Dulles) to Lisbon, Portugal (Feb 15)
  • Washington (Dulles) to Barcelona, Spain (Feb 15)
  • Washington (Dulles) to Rome, Italy (Feb 15)
  • Chicago (O’Hare) to Milan, Italy (Mar 30)
  • Chicago (O’Hare) to Rome, Italy (Mar 30)
  • New York/Newark to Nice, France (Mar 30)
  • New York/Newark to Naples, Italy (Apr 5)
  • New York/Newark to Malaga, Spain (May 2)
  • San Francisco to Rome, Italy (May 2)

Digital Nomads Should Be Thrilled

faro sign

Portugal offers an easy-to-obtain digital nomad visa and has become a hotspot for remote workers across the country.

Whether you prefer a taste of the city life, the island life, or want to call the gorgeous sites of Faro your new home, this is the place to be.

Given its location and plethora of flight options, Portugal was already pretty easy to reach, but a new direct flight to paradise is a no-brainer.

Digital nomads love the laid-back lifestyle and affordable aspect of Portugal since costs are always at the forefront of digital nomads’ minds.

girl with laptop sitting cliffside

On top of affordable rent, the digital nomad visa costs only $80 and requires only $815 of monthly income.

Faro, in particular, offers otherworldly scenery up and down the nearby coastlines and a comfortable way of life with cheap stays, high-end co-working spaces, cozy cafes, and plenty of fun ways to keep busy.

Picture yourself perusing the cobblestone streets of Old Town Faro or relaxing at one of Portugal’s top beaches on your off days.

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