Chef Maggie’s almond and lime cheesecake

A weekend treat, from Pumulani on Lake Malawi

Right across Africa, chefs in remote lodges and camps produce lip-smacking meals and treats, made all the more impressive as they are often produced in humble kitchens with limited ingredients.

Visitors to Robin Pope Safaris’ Pumulani lodge, overlooking Lake Malawi, may have savoured the almond and lime cheesecake perfected by chef Maggie. We’re delighted to share the recipe with you so you can treat yourself this weekend, sending a thought out to the team at Robin Pope Safaris’ camps as you enjoy.


1 cup cream
125ml lime juice (you can substitute the lime juice for lemon if you have no lime juice)
1 tin condensed milk
2 tsp gelatin (dissolved in 50ml of warm water)
1 tsp vanilla essence
½ packet tennis or rich tea biscuits
150 grams butter
80 grams flaked almonds


Melt the butter and crush half a packet of tennis biscuits. Gradually combine together.
Use this as the base for the cheesecake: line a flan dish or similar, set aside and refrigerate for half an hour
Roast the flaked almonds in a hot oven for five minutes until golden brown, and allow to cool
Whisk cream till light and fluffy then fold in the condensed milk, lime juice and almonds, along with the two teaspoons of gelatin dissolved in 50ml warm water
Pour into the flan dish and allow to set for two hours


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