GIATA partners with TravelgateX for smarter mapping technology for hotels

GIATA partners with TravelgateX for smarter mapping technology for hotels

TravelgateX, the global marketplace for the travel trade, with the aim of expanding its international distribution network, is now integrated with GIATA, a global leader in non-bookable content solutions in the travel industry.

With 115 million mappings across 408 suppliers, GIATA has continued to be the largest hotel mapping database in the world. By joining GIATA’s MultiCodes network and integrating the hotel mapping and de-duplication service MultiCodes, TravelgateX is enabled to showcase unique hotel content to their customers across multiple sales channels. It will also keep their hotel portfolio up-to-date and empower them to drive their revenue growth in a time- and cost-effective manner.

“Accurate sets of data and data deduplication process are the backbone of hotel mapping. The partnership with TravelgateX on hotel mapping is a positive development in boosting quality of content. We’re thrilled to partner with them and support them to navigate the success of their business through the future integration.” says Andreas Posmeck, CEO of GIATA.

“We are very excited about this agreement with GIATA. We are very confident this will have a direct positive impact within the sales of our clients by increasing accuracy, and drastically reducing mistakes”, commented Iván Font, chief strategy officer of TravelgateX.

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