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The Renwick Hotel in Midtown Manhattan is offering insurance against rainy days.

The four-star Renwick Hotel in New York has announced on Instagram that if it rains during your stay with them, they will refund you.

The Renwick Hotel, a boutique property in Midtown Manhattan near Grand Central Station, has teamed up with climate risk technology company, Sensible Weather, to offer a “weather guarantee” – a type of insurance – which guests pay for at the time of booking their room.

They say they will refund the cost of your room for that day, so every rainy day is free with a weather guarantee.

For guests that choose the “weather guarantee” when booking the hotel, the refund process is straightforward. If it is likely to rain for two hours or more between the hours of 9am and 7pm the daily hotel rate is reimbursed automatically. The guest receives a text message about the bad weather and the refund even before it rains as it is based on forecasts made by Nasa the National Weather Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

It’s a reassuring service for travellers heading to the Big Apple where rainfall is a dampening 1,119m (46.3 inches) annually. Other hotels that offer this is Yonder Escalante in Utah and a number of properties in the AutoCamp group.

Brian Sparacino, president and CEO of Rebel Hotel Company, which operates The Renwick said:

“We are very excited to partner with Sensible Weather to offer Renwick hotel guests and New York City travellers a truly unique service that will help protect their investment and put their minds at ease” 

Though guests cannot cancel ahead of time, they need to actually travel there, the 173-room hotel is offering this service throughout the year come rain or shine.

More information about the Renwick in Midtown Manhatton here.

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