Shennongjia: ‘Mini Switzerland’ in China

With its rolling mountains, glistening water, rich plants, and rare animals, it’s no wonder that Shennongjia, located in central China’s Hubei Province, is known as the “Mini Switzerland” of China.

“When I visited Shennongjia, I felt as though I had stumbled upon the enchanting mountains and waters of Switzerland. It is a must-visit destination for all,” said Brian Gonzalez, an Argentinean vlogger.

The winding mountain paths, verdant meadows, fresh air, and idyllic beauty in Shennongjia exude complete vibes of the Swiss countryside. Tourists can take a sightseeing train to explore the captivating wonderland.

In this treasure trove of biodiversity, visitors can also see sika deer and wild golden snub-nosed monkeys, a rare and endangered species endemic to China, in the dense virgin forest. These cute animals remind them of black-nosed sheep in Switzerland.

As a Chinese saying goes, all things that grow live in harmony and benefit from the nourishment of nature. Shennongjia sets the perfect example of how man and nature can both prosper and live in harmony.

The stunning blue Dajiu Lake in Shennongjia looks very much like Lake Geneva in Switzerland. The magnificent scenery with the reflection of the blue sky and lush mountains in the crystal-clear waters of Dajiu Lake gives tourists a sense of tranquility and inspires them to respect nature.

Travelers can enjoy the sunrise scenery of Dajiu Lake, with the rising sun casting a golden hue across the lake and the morning mist creating an impressionist painting. They can also observe a spectacular sea of clouds over the mountains in Shennongjia.

If Shennongjia is not at the top of your travel wish list, then wish again!

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