Sometimes Europe’s hidden gems seem too good to be true and that’s the case for one small beach getaway being dubbed the ‘Maldives of Europe’.

It’s easy to follow the crowd and jet off to Europe’s iconic cities like Paris, Barcelona, and London, but there is so much more to see.

Many travelers stay closer to home when seeking sun and sand, which is why Mexico is hugely popular right now.

But, Europe in general is one of the best beach destinations on the planet with countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal, and even Albania.

The latter has been on an upward trajectory with travelers in recent years due to a variety of reasons, but one of them being their phenomenal coastline.

Albania’s jaw-dropping coastal town of Ksamil is one of the country’s top beach getaways and your best bet for a cheap summer vacation in paradise.

The Highly Underrated Ionian Sea

blue waters of ksamil

Albania may be one of the trendiest countries in Europe, but it is still flying under the radar for many as it hasn’t quite become mainstream.

When we picture Europe, images of the Eiffel Tower, charming cobblestone streets, and sidewalk cafes tend to flash before our eyes, none of which relate very well to Albania…at least at first glance.

In all likelihood, your first stop would be the capital city of Tirana, which let’s just say is no London, Paris, or any other world-renowned city.

That’s not to say there aren’t things to do here.

Plus, the beautiful backdrop of scenic green mountains gives the city its own unique allure.

stunning landscape of southern albania

Albania’s coastline is easy to dismiss if your entry to the country doesn’t match expectations.

Durres is the closest beach to Tirana making for an easy day trip, but is not on par with the ‘Maldives of Europe’.

That being said, travelers unaware of the true gems of Albania need to take a trek a bit further by car or bus for the best of the best.


Albania has risen to new heights in recent years, but many take advantage of the low cost of living and easy entry for digital nomads.

tourists walking on beach in ksamil

The country should have more notoriety for its beaches, but given how the cluster of insanely beautiful beach towns are tucked away nowhere near major airports, it’s not hard to see why a paradise like Ksamil still lacks household recognition.

But perhaps you have heard of the Greek Island of Corfu, for reference.

Ksamil lies across from Corfu’s eastern shores sharing the same stunning blue waters with one of Albania’s treasured secrets.

Much like the Maldives in many ways, but first is its size, with around 10,000 residents, as a quaint coastal village.

The other is that it’s not the easiest to reach, but it’s well worth the journey to vacation in one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, teeming with otherworldly blue waters, white sand, perfect weather, and an overall laid-back atmosphere.

beautiful beach amongst seaside cliffs in ksamil

Unlike many popular beach destinations, Ksamil is unspoiled, and it is fair to say you will have as much elbow room as you need to spend blissful days on sunny, pristine beaches.

An Affordable Summer Escape In Paradise

Digital nomads are not the only type of travelers seeking to save costs on their trips; this applies to everyone.

And who wouldn’t want to put their passport to use and escape to truly affordable paradisal beaches?

Ksamil may be small and lacking variety in accommodation options, but you will surely find a comfortable place to relax as there are few places better to do just that.

flowers blooming near ksamil beach

Airbnbs and boutique hotels are your top choices, with no name-brand all-inclusives anywhere in sight.

During the summer months, travelers can expect nightly rates anywhere from the $60’s to upwards of $200 depending on level of class and location.

These prices are unheard of for what you’re getting in return as very similar locales in the region may cost you hundreds, or even thousands, more than Ksamil.

Boutique hotels and guesthouses, such as the Bledi Hotel near the beach can be as low as $64 while seaside hotels like Hotel Denoel are in the low $200s.

tourists holding cocktails at ksamil beach

Hotels are not the only affordable aspect of visiting Ksamil.

Food, wine, and the region’s historic attractions are also super cheap, with free entry to a select few, like the Kalaja e Lëkurësit, a medieval castle.

Enjoy Ksamil before the secret is out, as prices will surely surge once that happens.

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