The Top 10 Must-See Places In The U.S. According to Fodors

The Top 10 Must-See Places In The U.S. According to Fodors

The United States has so much to offer travelers, from beautiful beaches to impressive buildings to unique American experiences. Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to do or visit. To help out, Fodor’s Travel recently published the 25 most-see bucket list places to visit in the U.S.

Here we share the top 10 destinations and a few tips for those who want to visit within the next few weeks or in 2023.

10. South Beach

Of course, the Miami experience is a must in the U.S., and travelers are flocking here now. South Beach is one of the most iconic places, visitors get to enjoy the beautiful beach and also the fascinating atmosphere that makes this spot unique. If you are visiting in 2023, you should try to avoid the sargassum season— from March through October— which has seriously affected Miami this year.

9. The Grand Canyon

This incredible geological gem will amaze any traveler. Its immensity and unique features make it worth visiting. The official website has valuable information for future visitors—like alerts and updates— that travelers should check. The best time to visit is during spring or fall, in summer, it is very hot and crowded.

8. Big Sur

The fascinating landscapes in Big Sur will make anyone’s trip memorable. Many travelers say this is one of the most beautiful coastlines not only in California but in the world. If you enjoy road trips, driving through Highway 1 might change your life. The best time to visit is from September to November when crowds are gone and the weather encourages you to stop to admire nature.

Sunset at Big Sur

7. Pike Place Market

Visiting one of the oldest markets in the country can actually be an amazing experience, especially for foodies. Travelers will not only find the best foods and fresh products but also fun experiences, bars, restaurants, and so much more. You can visit Pike Place Market in Seattle any day—it only closes on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day— and if you want the best pictures, try to get there early.

Pike Place Market in summer, Seattle, Washington

6. Taos Pueblo

This amazing town in New Mexico will make you feel as if you traveled in time. Taos Pueblo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and hoards so much culture—1,000 years of traditions— and valuable information about the Native Americans. You will find the best weather between September and November, and visitors are advised to see the calendar for updates, ceremonies, or special events.

5. Mount Rushmore

Another iconic place that tells so much about American history and democracy. This national memorial in South Dakota showcases impressive sculptures of the presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. April, May, September, and October are the best months to visit Mount Rushmore.

Mount Rushmore

4. Fenway Park

Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd! Watching a baseball game is truly a great American experience, and the best place to do it is in Boston, at one of the oldest stadiums in the United States. You don’t have to love baseball to have fun, and if you can root for the Red Sox, you’ll get the most out of the experience. Of course, you can take a park tour all year round, but the best time to visit is for a game, and the Red Sox will open the 2023 season on March 30 at Fenway Park!

Aerial view of Boston

3. Times Square

The lights, the buildings, the crowd, the energy… Times Square is truly special. Even if you don’t enjoy loud, busy cities, visiting Times Square in New York is definitely worth it. The best time to visit is before your Broadway show begins so you get to see the lights and the powerful energy or early in the morning for a “quieter” experience. During fall and spring, you will get the best weather.

2. The French Quarter 

New Orleans has the jazz, the French-Haitian-Spanish-American cultural mix, the beignets, the voodoo shops, and, of course, the French Quarter! This vibrant neighborhood has fascinating architecture, stores, bars, music, nightlife, and people. The best time to visit would probably be during early spring and late fall for good weather, and also consider that the famous Mardi Gras parade begins on February 17 next year.

French Quarter

1. Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

There’s a reason why people travel from all over the world to visit Disney, and Magic Kingdom is the must-go park. If you truly want to live the magic, you must visit Magic Kingdom. You can go all year round, but during summer and holidays, huge crowds are guaranteed. Remember that you must buy tickets in advance and prices have increased.


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