Digital nomads have taken over the workforce, forcing themselves out of the office and heading wherever the road may take them.

There are so many different places across the globe where digital nomads are discovering and laying down roots, whether temporary or long-term.

One consistent destination welcoming backpackers, freelancers, and anyone looking for a good time is Bali.

The gorgeous island was voted the top island in Asia this year by fellow travelers. However, not all travelers are digital nomads.

Digital nomads find themselves at a crossroads in Bali as many are complaining of frustrating traffic, higher costs, construction, and recent garbage fires.

Some destinations are more welcoming than others to the remote worker community as one can understand locals want to keep the land they call home how they’ve always known it to be.

But do digital nomads have a right to complain as they have invested in the island, or are they wrongfully entitled? Regardless, many say Bali isn’t living up to the dream.

using laptop on island

These 3 affordable Asian islands are a great alternative to Bali for digital nomads:

Sri Lanka

Those seeking rich culture, affordability and a welcoming destination to digital nomads should whip out a pen and check off those boxes.

The vibrant country of Sri Lanka is super affordable for long-term stays and is one of the most recent countries to launch a digital nomad visa.

Not every country will welcome long-term visitors; however, you won’t find many places more worthy of receiving visitors than the former war-torn island nation of Sri Lanka.

female tourist with elephants in sri lanka

Set off course from other popular Asian getaways, Sri Lanka is a journey worth taking. Especially if you commit to staying a while.

A mix of lush jungles and wildlife, combined with surprisingly modern cities of diverse cultures and nice beaches, will blow you away.

All digital nomads need to make $2,000 monthly to hit the visa requirements, valid up to a year.

Cebu, Philippines

waterfall in cebu

Recent reports out of the Philippines show that an under-the-radar island is destined to become the next digital nomad hotspot.

But it’s not quite Siquijor’s time to shine. Cebu, on the other hand, is already thriving with remote workers and ready to embrace more.

The Philippines has been in talks to finalize a digital nomad visa, but that hasn’t stopped remote workers from coming here beforehand.

The bustling city of Manila sees a steady flow of digital nomads, but if you’re seeking a lush, gorgeous island that won’t break the bank, then Cebu is for you.

cebu philippines

According to the Philippine Digital Nomad Summit held in October, Cebu has an average cost of living of $1,381 per month with reliable internet connections.

Not to mention, the island is breathtaking with its eye-popping blue waters and stunning natural attractions, such as swimming holes and waterfalls. The perfect place to escape on your off days.

Plus, Cebu is much more accessible compared to the much smaller off-path islands in the Philippines.

Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand

Thailand has, and seemingly always will be, one of Asia’s top destinations for a wide variety of travelers.

man enjoying the view of ko pha ngan

Those who visit who aren’t digital nomads may want to look into remote work so they can come back and call this immaculate island their new home.

The good news is Thailand made some major traveler-friendly upgrades last year to those seeking long-term stays.

Koh Pha Ngan is one of the country’s largest islands and home to stunning scenery at every turn. The island is well equipped with reliable internet as more cafes and co-working spaces have become readily available.

full moon party in ko pha ngan

According to NomadList, the cost of living is under $1500 per month, which most digital nomads can feasibly handle.

In your spare time, this island is made to be explored from the lush jungles to the stunning blue water.

You can expect to end your day at one of the island’s famous all-night beach parties known to kick off when the moon comes out.

Digital nomads really can’t go wrong picking most Thailand islands, but Ko Pha Ngan is a mix of beauty and affordability and one of the best to keep busy day and night.

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