The Dominican Republic has been high on Americans’ lists for dreamy vacations for quite some time now. In the age of “revenge travel”, traveling to the Dominican Republic became more of a “thank you”.

This Caribbean gem was one of few places to travel without restrictions in recent years, and American travelers have been flocking here ever since.

The secret has long been out about the beauty of the Dominican Republic (DR), yet there are still up-and-coming places ready to be explored.

As we head toward the holiday season, travelers will soon be ready to escape the cold and hit the sunny, sandy beaches a short flight away.

In fact, the country is still breaking tourism records even in October.

These are the 3 most popular destinations in the Dominican Republic to visit this winter:

Punta Cana

boats on blue water in punta cana

The DR saw a 23% surge in tourists last month compared to the same period last year. One key reason is that the DR is home to one of the most popular Caribbean beach destinations – Punta Cana.

Those seeking something different than Mexico tend to have Punta Cana next on their vacation wishlist as it’s very easy to reach and drop-dead gorgeous.

With its immaculate all-inclusive resorts set beachside amongst the region’s crystal blue waters, it can’t get much better than this.

resort pool in punta cana

While there are 5-star resorts worth splurging on, Punta Cana offers luxury at more affordable prices compared to, say, Los Cabos.

This family-friendly treasure is the most popular destination in the country, without a doubt, yet there are other places comparable with similar gorgeous views and even newer resorts.

In fact, with the busiest month (December) just around the corner, it would be wise to explore all options, as Punta Cana is all but guaranteed to be jam-packed with fellow vacationers.


Levantado Island

Up the coast from Punta Cana is a trendy, vibrant coastal town travelers are falling in love with. While it is more of a trek to reach than flying directly into Punta Cana, for example, many would agree Samaná is worth the journey.

This off-the-grid beach getaway offers a more cultural experience than Punta Cana, where visitors can cut right into the heart of small-town Dominican life.

With a charming Old Town, pristine white-sand beaches and postcard-perfect waterfalls, more travelers are opting for Samaná over other popular areas.

waterfall in the dominican

Your camera roll will be full by the time you get back home. Those seeking luxury will not have to sacrifice that aspect of their trip, as this area has seen new resorts pop up in recent years.

Samaná is a place where nature meets luxury. It’s easy to find comparable all-inclusive packages to your favorite vacation getaway.

While not as mainstream as Punta Cana, you really can’t go wrong giving a place like Samaná a chance.

La Romana

Unlike Samaná, La Romana is a lot easier to reach. Set between the Dominican capital of Santo Domingo and the resort hub of Punta Cana; you can feasibly fly into either place to reach La Romana.

fortress with dominican republic flag

Flying into Santo Domingo may add to your vacation fun, as this city has also become one of the trendiest spots this year.

Punta Cana has some serious competition in terms of world-class accommodations. La Romana holds its own in terms of luxury stays set along stunning coastlines.

In fact, this small city is home to the most prestigious resort in the country. The award-winning Casa de Campo is a 5-star resort offering everything dream vacations are made of.

Of course, you don’t always have to stay at the best of the best to have a memorable vacay, but La Romana does not disappoint with its variety of resorts.

beach resort in la romana

It’s easy to see why La Romana has so many luxe resorts, as it’s known for some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country.

One of the top destinations is the beautiful island of Catalina. No, there is no wine mixer, but there are awesome activities such as hiking, snorkeling, and diving.

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