These Are The Most Popular U.S. Attractions According To Google

With the thaw of winter hopefully starting for many in the U.S., minds are now turning to spring and summer travel plans.

With rising costs across the board, airfare, hotels, and everything else will cost you more this year than last.

Because of this, many Americans are considering staying closer to home this year and discovering the joys of domestic travel.

Travel planning website Family Destinations Guide has analyzed Google search data to determine which tourist attraction is the most searched for in each state.

A variety of favorites, such as National Parks, aquariums, amusement parks, and other attractions like museums, zoos, and landmarks, made the list.

Looking at which tourist attractions people from each state wanted to visit the most this year, the study factored in the search data for more than 100 popular visitor attractions across America.

Niagara Falls with mist and blue water

The study’s overall most Googled tourist destinations were Niagara Falls, Myrtle Beach, Universal Studios Orlando, and Glacier National Park.

Niagara Falls is the most searched-for destination, with people from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Vermont looking for information on it.

It appears most Americans are looking to get into nature this year, with 20 states topping the searches for nature spots such as national parks and historical or cultural sites.

Glacier National Park was a big winner, with residents from four states searching for information about visiting it, with searches originating from Idaho, Montana, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Beaches ranked highly with this study, and residents in total areas such as North and South Carolina and Virginia, and West Virginia all went Googling for information about visiting Myrtle Beach

Atlantic city boardwalk and Ferris wheel with the ocean

Many of the findings in this study point to residents seeking information about popular tourist attractions not too away, and while maybe not necessarily in their state, a lot of searches didn’t venture too far from home for most people.

For example, New York City’s world-class Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) saw a high number of searches from those who live in New York and nearby Connecticut.

Along the same lines, the beloved Georgia Aquarium was a big hit with people living in Georgia and neighboring Alabama.

people in the modern museum of art

Another place that people are looking to visit this year is some of America’s varied cultural and historic landmarks, with searches for classic favorers such as The Hoover Dam, The Space Needle, and Mount Rushmore ranking highly.

In addition to the popular choices in this list, let’s remember that the United States is full of underrated gems to visit as well, and if you are looking to avoid crowds, they should also be considered for your next trip. 

space needle in Seattle at night with skyline

These Are The Top Tourist Attractions For Each State

  • Alabama: Georgia Aquarium
  • Alaska: Denali National Park
  • Arizona: Grand Canyon
  • Arkansas: Graceland
  • California: Disneyland
  • Colorado: Garden of the Gods
  • Connecticut: Museum of Modern Art in New York
  • Delaware: Rehoboth Beach
  • Florida: Universal Orlando Studios
universal studios sign glowing with fountain
  • Georgia: Georgia Aquarium
  • Hawaii: Hanauma Bay
  • Idaho: Glacier National Park
  • Illinois: Las Vegas Strip
  • Indiana: Las Vegas Strip
  • Iowa: Glacier National Park
  • Kansas: Sedgwick County Zoo
  • Kentucky: Cumberland Falls
  • Louisiana: Universal Orlando Studios
  • Maine: Acadia National Park
  • Maryland: Rehoboth Beach
  • Massachusetts: Universal Orlando Studios
  • Michigan: Henry Ford Museum
  • Minnesota: Glacier National Park
  • Mississippi: Graceland
  • Missouri: Silver Dollar City
  • Montana: Glacier National Park
  • Nebraska: Henry Doorly Zoo
  • Nevada: Hoover Dam
hoover dam with bridge
  • New Hampshire: Mount Washington
  • New Jersey: Atlantic City
  • New Mexico: White Sands National Park
  • New York: Museum of Modern Art in New York
  • North Carolina: Myrtle Beach
  • North Dakota: Theodore Roosevelt National Park
  • Ohio: Niagara Falls
  • Oklahoma: Grand Canyon
  • Oregon: Multnomah Falls
  • Pennsylvania: Niagara Falls
  • Rhode Island: Las Vegas Strip
  • South Carolina: Myrtle Beach
  • South Dakota: Mount Rushmore
  • Tennessee: Graceland
  • Texas: Universal Orlando Studios
  • Utah: Zion National Park
  • Vermont: Niagara Falls
  • Virginia: Myrtle Beach
  • Washington: Space Needle
  • West Virginia: Myrtle Beach
  • Wisconsin: Niagara Falls
  • Wyoming: Grand Teton National Park
garden of the gods rock formations in colorado

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