What’s trending with travelers this summer?

A new report from Google reveals the hottest trends that travelers are searching for right now.

We’ve already covered some of the biggest travel trends of 2024, but these are the travel styles that are especially popular with travelers this summer.

Affordable Luxury Travel

Affordable luxury is one of the top travel trends right now.

And I totally get it — who doesn’t want a luxurious vacation without breaking the bank?

One of the ways travelers are embracing affordable luxury is by staying at boutique hotels or booking unique travel experiences (think cooking classes or photo shoots with a local photographer.)

Infinity pool at a hotel

Another way you can follow the affordable luxury trend to save money?

Destination dupes!

This means swapping out a more expensive destination for a cheaper (and often more underrated) alternative. Think Taipei instead of Tokyo, Chicago instead of NYC, and Palermo instead of Rome.

By choosing a more affordable destination, you get more value for your money and can splurge on a nicer hotel, fancier restaurants, and more activities.

You can also explore more under-the-radar spots when you choose a “dupe” of an extremely popular destination, which means fewer tourist crowds during the summer.

My favorite destination dupes for the summer? Try going to Albania or Montenegro instead of Greece or Croatia for amazing beaches, beautiful scenery, fewer crowds, and cheaper prices!

If you’re in Albania, be sure to check out Berat and Gjirokaster, two historic small towns I absolutely loved!

Woman in Albania Looking at the Adriatic Sea

Traveling For Concerts And Sports

I’m not a Swiftie whatsoever and I couldn’t name more than a couple of Taylor Swift songs, but even I haven’t been able to ignore the impact of the Eras tour.

It seemed like everyone in the U.S. was traveling to one of Taylor Swift’s concerts last summer… then I thought it was over… but all of a sudden I started to see people traveling to Taylor Swift concerts again this summer, except this time in Europe!

Traveling for entertainment events like concerts and music festivals is a HUGE trend right now. It’s a cool way to experience seeing your favorite artists live while also exploring a new destination.

Sports tourism is also on the rise. It makes sense because the Olympics are happening in Paris starting in late July — although I wouldn’t recommend visiting Paris this summer unless you’re okay with record-breaking crowds and sky-high prices!

After the Olympics, the UEFA European Championships (a major football/soccer tournament) is happening in Germany, which is also drawing a lot of tourists.

Olympics logo in front of Eiffel Tower

Rail Travel

Finally, rail travel is one of the top travel trends for this summer. It’s seen a boost of 35% from 2023 to 2024, which is huge! So why are so many travelers obsessed with getting around by train?

This nostalgic style of travel is growing in popularity for several reasons.

Some sustainability-minded travelers prefer the environmental benefits of traveling by train compared to flying or driving.

It’s also a more unique and romantic way to experience a destination.

Train tracks along the Rocky Mountaineer train route

Rather than getting to the airport two or more hours early, dealing with crowds and the hassle of flying, and sitting in a cramped airplane seat for several hours, you can relax in a spacious seat (or bed!) on a train and watch the scenery go by outside your window.

I recently did a seven-week trip around Europe by train and it was amazing. The great thing about trains is that they typically go right from city center to city center, whereas airports are often up to an hour outside the city center.

So even though taking the train can sometimes take longer than flying, it usually evens out since you don’t have to worry about getting to the airport several hours in advance!

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