Where are most Americans traveling this winter?

New data from Google Flights reveals the most popular U.S. travel destinations right now.

These are the most-searched destinations for trips from December 20, 2023 to January 5, 2024, showing where most American travelers are headed this winter.

As you might expect, it’s mainly warm-weather destinations, with one cold yet festive city thrown in.

Without further ado, here are the top destinations in the U.S. for American travelers right now:

6. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most popular destinations for travelers this winter thanks to its year-round sunny and warm Southern California climate.

There’s tons to do in Los Angeles itself (like strolling down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, hiking up to the Hollywood Sign, or window-shopping in Beverly Hills) but there’s even more to do around the city.

Los Angeles Palm Trees

For example, the beaches of Malibu are just a short drive away, or you can head to iconic Disneyland in nearby Anaheim. Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park, with its unique desert atmosphere, is also just a two-hour drive from Los Angeles.

5. Orlando

Another trending destination right now is Orlando. Located in Florida, which is aptly nicknamed the Sunshine State, Orlando is the ultimate winter getaway if you’re seeking warm weather.

Even in December and January, the weather in Orlando is regularly in the high seventies and sunny.

Disney World at Christmas

Orlando is best known for its theme parks, including Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando. The holiday season is a busy yet fun time to visit the theme parks, which are decorated to the max for Christmas.

Of course, there’s plenty to do in Orlando aside from theme parks too.

4. Honolulu

After deadly wildfires in Maui earlier this year, tourism to Hawaii as a whole has been down for several months. But Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, is increasing in popularity with travelers once again.

This is one of the top travel destinations for winter, as travelers seek sunshine, sand, and beautiful scenery on this stunning Hawaiian island.

Sunset in Honolulu

3. San Juan

Puerto Rico has swiftly become one of the hottest destinations of the year. Travelers continue to flock to Puerto Rico this winter, with San Juan being the island’s main hotspot.

Although Puerto Rico is not a state, it’s still part of the United States with its status as a territory. Located in the Caribbean, this gorgeous island is home to incredible beaches and tons of history and culture, especially in the capital city of San Juan.

San Juan Puerto Rico travel happy Asian tourist woman excited with open arms in happiness at watch tower of Castillo San Felipe del Morro summer cruise vacation.

2. New York

The only cold-weather destination on this list is New York City. Despite the freezing temperatures, New York is an amazing city to visit around the holidays.

No other destination in the U.S. goes as all-out for Christmas as New York does. From seeing the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree to ice skating in Central Park to strolling down Fifth Avenue and admiring the holiday lights and window displays, there’s no place like NYC at Christmas.

Women taking a selfie in New York at Christmas

Although New York can get a little crazy around this time of year, there are ways you can still save money and beat the crowds while visiting during the holidays.

1. Miami / Fort Lauderdale

Finally, Miami / Fort Lauderdale is the top U.S. destination for travelers right now! These two South Florida cities are close to one another, yet each has its own distinct vibe.

Fort Lauderdale Beach aerial view

Although Miami has historically been more famous and popular, Fort Lauderdale may actually be a better destination for your next trip.

Compared to Miami, Fort Lauderdale is less expensive (yet still very luxurious), easier to get around, just as beautiful, and more laidback.

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