If your mission is to get out and explore the world in 2024 then you may be wondering where to go. And looking at the most popular destinations Americans are planning to see in 2024 is a great place to start.

Popular is often considered a dirty word among travelers looking to explore the most off-path destinations, but generally, destinations are popular for a reason.

American travelers tend to prefer countries that are easy to reach, easy to navigate, and with rich cultural heritage.

The International Trade Administration has looked at where U.S. travelers are visiting.

These are the top 8 countries Americans will visit most in 2024:

8. Spain

Officially the 8th most popular destination for American travelers right now, huge numbers of U.S tourists are choosing to explore Spain.

What makes Spain such a popular and attractive destination is its diversity. You can choose to visit the culturally rich and metropolitan cities of Barcelona and Madrid.

Or you can island hop whilst exploring the incredible beaches of the Balearics or Canary Islands.

 Garachico beach. Nature scenic seascape in Canary Island.

American travelers visit Spain to relax and unwind. The cultural rhythm is slow here and Spanish people have a welcoming but laid-back attitude.

Why not try sightseeing in the morning and then embrace the Spanish culture of taking a siesta in the afternoon?

7. Germany

The most surprising destination on this list came in 7th place. Germany isn’t an obvious travel destination for American tourists but perhaps it should be.

Fascinating cities, a rich history, delicious food, and incredible landscapes make Germany a great place to visit.

Koln Cathedral Unesco World Heritage site Germany

Germany is an incredibly clean and well-organized country, which makes it easy for tourists to navigate. Its public transport system is particularly highly regarded.

When paired with the fact that most German people speak perfect English, that makes Germany a great destination for U.S. travelers taking their first overseas trip.

Highlights of a trip to Germany include visiting Heidelberg Castle, exploring Koln cathedral, and taking a horse and carriage ride around the Brandenberg Gate.

6. Italy

If you’re looking to explore European history and culture, then there is no better destination than Italy. Italy is a treasure trove for Americans with an interest in art as it is home to iconic pieces such as Michelangelo’s David, the Sistine Chapel, and Leonardo da Vinci’s works.

Italy is a country that feels special. Its architectural achievements are unparalleled. And the chance to travel delicious Italian food at its source is worth the trip alone. Head to Naples, the birthplace of pizza, for the best you’ve ever eaten.

Beautiful Varena village on Lake Como riviera in Lombardy, Italy

Not to be missed cities in Italy include Venice, Florence, and Rome. If you’re more interested in landscapes than cityscapes, then the glistening Italian Lakes are a great spot for you.

And Italy is also a fun and affordable place to ski during the winter months.

5. Dominican Republic

U.S. tourists looking for a Caribbean island paradise prefer the Dominican Republic to any other Caribbean island. Americans are currently visiting the Dominican Republic in record numbers.

Historical Street In Colonial Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Some of the main reasons for this are the island’s rich history, fascinating culture, and welcoming and friendly Dominican people.

American tourists are welcomed and appreciated in the Dominican Republic.

Highlights of a visit here include the opportunity to explore Santo Domingo, which was the first European settlement in the Americas, the incredible beaches and watersport opportunities, and the UNESCO-listed cathedrals.

4. France

It’s no surprise that so many Americans are visiting France right now: Everyone wants to go to Paris. It is a city almost universally coveted and one most people put on their bucket list.

Paris will host the Olympic games in 2024, which is great news for sports fans or anyone who wants to be in the hustle and bustle of this incredibly busy and rowdy event.

Young woman enjoying beautiful landscape view on the riverside with Eiffel tower from the boat during the sunset in Paris

Of course other crowd-pleasers in Paris include climbing the Eiffel Tower, strolling along the Champs Elysees, and exploring the art in the Louvre.

If you’re not a fan of crowds, then give Paris a swerve for summer 2024 and explore some of the country’s other beautiful and historically rich cities instead.

We love Bordeaux, Tours, and Toulouse, which all have their own unique charm and rich cultural heritage.

3. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the most popular European destination for American travelers, with European countries dominating this list.

Because English is the native language here, it is a popular destination for U.S. tourists who want to travel without a language barrier, and flights between the two countries are both frequent and affordable.

view of Buckingham Palace, London

Many American tourists will head straight to the capital of London to see the biggest attractions such as Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and of course to see if the Royals are home in Buckingham Palace.

London is also considered the UK’s cultural heart.

But if you have time then get out of London and explore the real heart of the United Kingdom. Take a boat ride along the Norfolk Broads. Head to the coast to eat proper fish and chips. Visit Stratford, the home of Shakespeare and carve out an afternoon to sit in a traditional country pub.

The UK is a great destination with so much to see and do and offers something for everyone.

2. Canada

Oh Canada! American travelers report that it is fun and easy to vacation with their neighbors to the north.

Canada is a popular vacation destination for U.S. travelers thanks to its delicious food, warm and welcoming people, and spectacular natural beauty.

High angle view of red sandstone cliffs and Dunes-du-Sud beach seen during a sunny fall sunrise, Havre-aux-Maisons, Magdalen Islands, Quebec, Canada

The favorable exchange rate when changing U.S. dollars to Canadian dollars right now makes Canada a relatively affordable travel destination, too, and if you live in the Northern States, then you can economize further by driving on your vacation rather than paying for airline tickets.

Highlights of a visit to Canada include traveling along the world’s largest coastline, exploring the beautiful city of Toronto, skiing in Whistler, or seeing Niagara Falls.

1. Mexico

By far the most popular destination for American travelers will continue to be Mexico.

U.S. tourists just can’t get enough of this Caribbean paradise and its beaches, resorts, and rich cultural heritage.

A whopping 80.7 million Americans visited Mexico last year. The proximity of the two countries is one reason for this popularity and another is the weather: Mexico is a great spot for year-round sunshine.

An aerial view of Isla Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico

Americans flock to Mexico because of its unique blend of cities and beaches. The food is delicious and affordable and as an added bonus, depending on where you live in the U.S. the flight times can be incredibly short.

Compared to many popular destinations in the U.S., taking a vacation in Mexico is also relatively affordable, which only adds to the location’s appeal.

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