While there’s no denying the allure of world-class hotspots like Paris, Thailand, and Mexico, new trends show that travelers are now seeking the thrill and authenticity of lesser-explored destinations more than ever.

That’s why, this upcoming year, a surprising group of countries is predicted to surpass all tourism benchmarks, drawing in millions of visitors worldwide.

The newest study conducted by The Harris Poll between November 20 and November 23, 2023 showed that these four usually underrated destinations, in particular, will be coming to the forefront of international attention come 2024.


Though by no means unknown, Peru is a true South American gem whose cultural and natural allure far surpasses its popularity among traveler circles.

At the heart of the stunning country lies the legendary Machu Picchu, an ancient Incan citadel fiercely protected by the Andes Mountains.

aerial view of macchu picchu, Peru

Though the landmark has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983, its appeal among travelers remains unshakable to this day, which is further confirmed by the findings of the Harris poll linked above.

However, it’s worth noting that iconic attractions are far from the only thing drawing modern-day tourists to Peru.

The country is a haven of gastronomic delights that’ll leave even the most difficult-to-please foodies asking for seconds.

traditional Peruvian dishes, food from Peru

From the world-famous ceviche to the bold flavors of Peruvian quinoa, the country’s cuisine perfectly mirrors its cultural diversity, with Lima standing as the culinary hub to explore in 2024.

Beyond its historical sites and mouthwatering dishes, Peru is also home to some of the most awe-inspiring sights you’ll find in South America, many of which you’ll be able to experience through hikes in the gorgeous Inca Trail and Colca Canyon.

South Korea

Those ready to make the long trip to Asia this upcoming year shouldn’t miss out on exploring South Korea, a country that manages to blend traditional charm and technological innovation in a way no other nation can.

Seoul, the bustling capital, invites travelers with its trendy, dynamic neighborhoods, of which Gangnam and Hongdae are must-sees.

Gangnam Station, Seoul, South Korea

While there’s no doubt that city trippers will have the time of their lives here, most tourists coming to South Korea are looking to explore the many historical wonders that dot the country, including Gyeongbokgung Palace and the historic village of Hahoe.

If you’re looking to take some particularly instagrammable pictures during your East Asia travels, though, you can’t miss out on the scenic beauty of Jeju Island or the serene landscapes of Seoraksan National Park, either.

Jeju Island South Korea


Going off of recent trends, it’s safe to say that Europe will continue to be one of the world’s most visited regions even in 2024, so the fact that the Old Continent comes represented by not one, but two different countries on today’s list should come as no surprise.

Corsica, one of the dreamiest French islands, has managed to go a bit under the radar, especially among travelers from across the Atlantic.

Palombaggia Beach In Corsica, France, Bounded By The Crystal Clear Waters Of The Mediterranean Sea In Southern Europe

All that’s about to change, though, since more and more people are starting to pay attention to the region’s rugged beauty, easily appreciated through famous hike trails like GR20 or picturesque beaches like Porto-Vecchio.

However, what really sets Corsica apart from other idyllic Mediterranean islands is its unique blend of French and Italian influences, a fusion that’s perfectly reflected in the local artisan markets and culinary wonders.


What was once a widely unknown destination only explored by the most adventurous souls has quickly become one of Europe’s trendiest destinations; however, Albania’s meteoric rise to popularity is anything but coincidental.

Beach in Ksamil Albania

Featuring breathtaking sights, welcoming locals, centuries-old history, and some of the cheapest prices you’ll find in all of Europe, the Balkan country promises visitors the ideal travel experience.

UNESCO Heritage sites like Berat, Butrint, and the medieval town of Gjirokastër are all must-sees, though the former is my personal favorite in terms of value.

Ottoman Era City Of Berat, Albania

The sights from the Berat Castle are unmatched while a night at a gorgeous little hotel at the heart of the city (breakfast and drinks included) only costs $40.

While the country is probably best known for its stunning Riviera, this time of year Korça becomes Albania’s crown jewel, featuring abundant holiday festivities and excellent skiing opportunities (namely, in Dardhë).

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