Travel insurance experts Loveit Coverit analysed major UK airport data provided by the Civil Aviation Authority to find out which UK airports had the highest and lowest rate of cancellations between the months of June and August of 2023. The data includes major airports that scheduled more than a thousand flights during that period.

Top 10 worst airports for cancellations

Taking the unfortunate distinction for the airport with the highest percentage of cancelled flights is Alderney Airport, which faced significant challenges during the specified period, marking 107 cancellations out of 1,215 scheduled flights, resulting in a substantial 8.81% cancellation rate, making it the most affected among the top 10 worst airports for cancellations.
Following in second place, Humberside Airport encountered a 6.90% cancellation rate, with 98 cancellations out of 1,420 scheduled flights, showcasing considerable disruptions in its operational schedule.
Securing the third spot, London City Airport faced a notable 4.67% cancellation rate, experiencing 594 cancellations out of 12,719 scheduled flights, despite its strategic location, struggling with a higher-than-desired rate of disruptions.
Claiming the fourth worst position for cancellations, the Isle of Man Airport witnessed challenges, reporting 128 cancellations out of 2,849 scheduled flights, resulting in a 4.49% cancellation rate, impacting a substantial portion of its operational schedule.
Newquay Airport landed in fifth place among the worst affected, encountering a 4.15% cancellation rate, managing 87 cancellations out of 2,094 scheduled flights, indicating disruptions affecting its flight operations.
Kirkwall Airport followed as the sixth worst affected, encountering a 3.97% cancellation rate, with 112 cancellations out of 2,821 scheduled flights, reflecting challenges in maintaining a smooth operational schedule.
Securing the seventh spot, Stornoway Airport marked a 3.76% cancellation rate, experiencing 52 cancellations out of 1,383 scheduled flights, impacting a considerable proportion of its operational schedule.
Guernsey Airport took the eighth position with a 3.31% cancellation rate, encountering 150 cancellations out of 4,538 scheduled flights, indicating disruptions impacting its operational efficiency.
Belfast City (George Best) Airport followed as the ninth worst affected, witnessing a 3.20% cancellation rate, managing 246 cancellations out of 7,686 scheduled flights, indicating operational challenges during the specified period.
Lastly, Gatwick Airport secured the tenth spot despite being a major international hub, facing a 3.00% cancellation rate, marking 2,342 cancellations out of 78,126 scheduled flights, indicating operational complexities even for major hubs.

Top 10 best airports for cancellations 

The first of the three airports with 0 cancellations is Blackpool Airport, out of 1,074 scheduled flights, it had a flawless 0.00% cancellation rate. Isles of Scilly (St. Mary’s) Airport operated 2,604 scheduled flights without a single cancellation. Lands End (St Just) Airport is the third with 0 cancellations out of 1,668 scheduled flights, resulting in a 0.00% cancellation rate.
Bournemouth Airport managed 2,092 scheduled flights with only 4 cancellations, resulting in a low 0.19% cancellation rate. Prestwick Airport handled 1,258 scheduled flights with 5 cancellations, resulting in a 0.40% cancellation rate, maintaining a reasonably dependable profile despite a few cancellations.
East Midlands International Airport, amidst its substantial 15,649 scheduled flights, managed 72 cancellations, achieving a commendable 0.46% cancellation rate. Stansted Airport, despite its vast operations with 50,345 scheduled flights, experienced ony 395 cancellations, resulting in a 0.78% cancellation rate.
Norwich Airport marked 36 cancellations out of 4,106 scheduled flights, achieving an 0.88% cancellation rate, showcasing its commitment to minimal disruptions and ensuring a reliable travel experience.
Cardiff Wales Airport managed 31 cancellations out of 2,659 scheduled flights, resulting in a 1.17% cancellation rate. Birmingham Airport closed the top 10 list with 288 cancellations out of 24,249 scheduled flights, resulting in a 1.19% cancellation rate.
A spokesperson from Loveit Coverit commented on the study, “To put these figures into perspective there were a total of 573,436 scheduled flights from the UK’s major airports during the summer of 2023, 12,071 of which were cancelled. This results in an overall average cancellation rate of 2.11%.”

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