Top 10 most popular travel-inspired baby boy names in the USA

If you are after some baby name inspiration, you’re in luck as new research has revealed the travel-inspired baby names that are trending in 2023 – from Hudson to Sydney.

The travel and luggage experts at Bounce analysed baby name data from the last 21 years to discover which travel destinations around the world are inspiring our baby name choices the most.

The top 10 most popular travel-inspired baby boy names in the USA: 

Rank Name Number of US baby boys
1 Hudson 77,991
2 Preston 58,384
3 Camden 48,257
4 Dakota 39,608
5 Kingston 36,512
6 Israel 34,918
7 Devon 28,245
8 Dallas 23,126
9 Phoenix 18,587
10 Orlando 12,828

Topping the list of travel-inspired baby names for boys is Hudson. This name, derived from the famous Hudson River in New York, has been a popular choice for parents in recent years, with over 77,000 baby boys born since 2000 in the US with this name.

Preston, ranking second on our list, is a timeless choice and has been selected for over 58,000 baby boys since 2000.

Named after London’s diverse and vibrant borough, 48,000 baby boys have been named Camden since the turn of the century. The London borough also lends its name to a city in New Jersey, which may have inspired American parents.

The top 10 most popular travel-inspired baby girl names in the US: 

Rank Name Number of US baby girls
1 Sydney 107,006
2 Brooklyn 104,566
3 Alexandria 42,010
4 London 38,761
5 Dakota 28,812
6 Paris 22,755
7 Carolina 19,824
8 Guadalupe 19,161
9 Journey 16,474
10 Adelaide 15,426


Sydney, inspired by Australia’s famous harbor city, tops the list for girls. A top choice for parents seeking a worldly name, over 107,000 baby girls have been named Sydney since 2000. Brooklyn, a nod to the iconic New York City borough, is a popular choice for its urban charm and cultural appeal and ranks in second place for its popularity.

Alexandria comes in third place, albeit some distance behind the top two, with 42,010 baby girls named after the ancient Egyptian city.

Further Study Insights:

  • The most common US baby name inspired by a country is Israel, with over 37,000 babies sharing a name with the nation.
  • Sydney is the most popular city for parents in the US to name their children after, with 108,424 babies being given the name since 2000.

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