Top 20 best workcation destinations of 2023

As remote working becomes the new normal for many professionals, the concept of workcations is gaining momentum, combining work and short vacations., a leading online platform for international money transfers, has unveiled its ranking of the top workcation destinations in Europe for 2023. After assessing six key criteria across 20 popular European cities, Madrid has emerged as the ultimate workcation hotspot, closely followed by Barcelona and Bucharest.

Jonathan Merry, CEO of, expressed the significance of workcations in the current remote working landscape, stating, “The rise of remote working has given people the opportunity to enjoy the luxuries of working abroad without compromising their productivity or taking excessive time off. Our ranking focuses on the factors that professionals value when working remotely, enabling us to identify the best destinations for workcations.”

Madrid secured the top spot due to its affordable cost of living, lightning-fast broadband speeds, and a thriving workcation ecosystem. With an average nightly accommodation cost of just £89.20, Madrid offers an array of coworking spaces and over three thousand activities for professionals to enjoy during their downtime.

Barcelona, the runner-up, captivates workcation enthusiasts with its irresistible charm, entrepreneurial spirit, and vibrant infrastructure. The city boasts 186 state-of-the-art coworking spaces, fast internet, and nearly 5,000 activities, making it a playground where business and pleasure effortlessly intertwine.

Bucharest, the rising star on the workcation horizon, combines affordability with a burgeoning remote work scene. As the largest city and capital of Romania, Bucharest offers low accommodation costs, high-speed broadband, and a vibrant cultural hub.

While some cities impressed with their cultural heritage and vibrant atmospheres, others faced challenges in terms of accommodation costs or fewer coworking options. Edinburgh ranked at the bottom due to its high accommodation costs, while Helsinki and Dublin faced challenges regarding the cost of living and fewer coworking spaces.

Other notable mentions include Copenhagen, known for its super-quick internet and cozy cafes, and London, with its abundance of attractions and activities to fill one’s free time.

For digital nomads on a budget, Warsaw stood out with its affordable nightly stay and satisfactory internet speed, making it an attractive option for those seeking a budget workcation experience.

Whether professionals are drawn to Madrid’s dynamic energy, Barcelona’s captivating ambiance, or Bucharest’s entrepreneurial spirit, these top workcation destinations promise a perfect blend of productivity and adventure.

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