New research has revealed the best European capitals for a good night’s sleep, with Andorra’s capital, Andorra la Vella coming out on top.

The study by analysed several factors to determine where the best night’s sleep can be had, which was the average temperature compared to the ideal sleeping temperature, quietness, and concerns about crime.

It found that Andorra’s capital, Andorra la Vella, is the best European capital for a good night’s sleep. 80% of residents believe the city to be quiet, and just 6.75% of residents have concerns about their home being broken into, meaning it scores well. This is despite the area’s average temperature year-round being 9.8°C, nearly half the ideal sleeping temperature of 18.3°C.

Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, takes second place on the list. It sits much closer to the ideal sleeping temperature with a year-round temperature of 17.5°C. Additionally, 63.14% of residents consider the city quiet, and 22.11% are concerned about their homes being broken into.

Helsinki takes third place on the list, and despite the Finnish capital having a lower year-round temperature than other entries, 76.2% of residents consider the city quiet, and just 15.84% of them are worried about their homes being broken into.

Taking fourth place on the list is the Swiss capital of Bern. 62.5% of residents in the city consider it quiet, with 16.04% worried about their homes being broken into. It scores well compared to other cities despite having an average temperature of 8.2°C, nearly half the ideal sleeping temperature.

Rounding out the top five is Montenegro’s capital of Podgorica. 78.95% of residents consider the city quiet, the area has a year-round average temperature of 15.3°C, and 43.66% of people are worried about their homes being broken into. 

# Capital Average year-round temperature (degrees Celsius) Ideal sleeping temperature (degrees Celsius) Difference between sleeping temp and year-round temp Percentage of people who consider the city quiet (noise pollution) Percentage of people worried about home being broken into
1 Andorra la Vella 9.8 18.3 8.50 80.00% 6.75%
2 Lisbon 17.5 18.3 0.80 63.14% 22.11%
3 Helsinki 5.9 18.3 12.40 76.20% 15.84%
4 Bern 8.2 18.3 10.10 62.50% 16.04%
5 Podgorica 15.3 18.3 3.00 78.95% 43.66%
6 Tallinn 6.4 18.3 11.90 67.77% 18.94%
7 City of San Marino 11.8 18.3 6.50 50.00% 12.50%
8 Vienna 10.4 18.3 7.90 70.15% 25.72%
9 Vilnius 6 18.3 12.30 68.62% 23.31%
10 Oslo 5.7 18.3 12.60 69.40% 24.45%

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for said: “It often happens that how easy it is to get a good night’s sleep in an area can be a deciding factor on where to live, among other things. People worrying about their home being broken into is likely a result of a high crime rate, so if you’re living with stress about this, and where you live is particularly loud, it may be time to think about moving.”

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