Unvaccinated Americans Can No Longer Visit The Czech Republic

Unvaccinated Americans Can No Longer Visit The Czech Republic

The United States has been put back on the Czech Republic’s list of very high-risk countries for Covid-19, which means unvaccinated Americans can no longer enter the country as of this week for nonessential reasons.

The Czech Republic opened to American travelers earlier this summer. They make up an important part of the tourism industry,  ranking fifth place for tourism with overnight stays in 2019.

However, this week the Czech Republic made changes to its entry protocols putting the U.S. back on the list of high-risk countries.

Unvaccinated Americans Can No Longer Visit The Czech Republic

United States Is Now Designated As A High-Risk Country

The Czech Republic’s Ministry of Health designates very high-risk countries as those that have a value of 500 or greater based on their two-week cumulative COVID-19 case rate, their testing positivity rate and the testing rate for the preceding week, which must be at least 300 per 100,000 persons.

Based on these factors, a decision was made to move the United States from the green category to the dark red one in line with the most recent data provided by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). This is effective from August 23.

czechia reopens to tourists

This means unvaccinated Americans can no longer visit the Czech Republic for nonessential reasons, such as tourism.

According to the protective measure, certain exceptions apply, such as third-country permanent residence holders in the Czech Republic and to foreign nationals who have been in a low-risk country for at least 14 days before entering the Czech Republic.

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In addition to the U.S, several European countries were put on the list, including Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Montenegro.

“These countries shall also include those Member States of the European Union in which the community spread of new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus predominates.” read the statement.

Canada is on the green list (lowest-risk).

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Fully Vaccinated Americans Can Still Visit The Czech Republic

As of August 23, fully vaccinated American travelers can still visit the Czech Republic.

During the announcement, the Czech Republic confirmed that vaccination certificates issued in several third countries are now accepted as valid proof of immunity, including the white vaccination cards issued by the CDC.

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“Vaccination of third-country nationals who have completed vaccination from a non-EU country with a substance approved by the European Medicines Agency or its equivalent vaccine approved by the World Health Organization for emergency use is also newly recognized,” the Ministry’s statement reads.

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Fully vaccinated third-country nationals can enter Czechia without having to follow testing and self-isolation rules. They are only required to fill in an entry form.

While in the Czech Republic, travelers will need to show their vaccination certificate to check into your hotel, visit tourist attractions like museums, and attend public events.

View of old town Cesky Krumlov

Will Other European Countries Do The Same?

While some European countries have been open this summer to unvaccinated Americans like Portugal and France, it’s possible as cases continue to rise in the U.S. that more EU countries will change their entry requirements for American travelers.

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