Summertime is the perfect time to check off your bucket-list destinations, but oftentimes, you’re not alone.

When it comes to iconic countries like Italy, it’s all but guaranteed Rome, Venice, and the stunning Amalfi Coast will be jam-packed with tourists.

On the bright side, this gives you the excuse to try something new and give hidden gems a chance that may not otherwise be on your radar.

Take San Marino, for example, a tiny landlocked nation within Italy’s borders that deserves way more recognition than it gets.

But for coastal getaways, there’s one lesser-known island within 3 hours of Rome waiting to be discovered.

Escape Europe’s Scorching Heat: Visit The Island Of Ventotene

There’s no better season for beach weather across the globe.

Unfortunately, not every hot destination offers a beach as your savior.

Turquoise waters of Ventotene

Oftentimes, we picture Europe with crisp air that is perfect for perusing charming streets with a hot cappuccino in hand, but that’s not the case in summer.

Last year, popular cities like Athens had to implement new policies for tourists’ own good in order to save themselves from dangerous temps.

In recent weeks, Greece has found themselves in the same situation, but even worse with fatal heatwaves.

Yes, even in the famous Greek Islands.

That’s why it’s important to do your homework as every destination is different. The secret island of Italy is surprisingly one of the best alternatives for year-round phenomenal weather in a paradise you probably didn’t know existed.

Historic pastel-colored buildings of Ventotene

Boasting 80 degree temperatures in summer, vacationers can enjoy the stunning coastline and incredible cuisine on a lovely restaurant balcony such as top-rated Ristorante Marisqueria.

Leave The Rome Crowds Behind! This 3 Hour Journey Is Worth The Trek

Rome is cool and all but it’s quite literally old news.

Yes, being so rich in ancient history is the main draw, but selfie-stick-packing crowds anywhere can be such a turn-off.

Wide open beaches, walkable streets, and no lines at delightful cafes are what to expect on the picturesque island of Ventotene.

Nice beach in Ventotene Island

Oddly enough, Ventotene dates back to, you guessed it, Roman times!

But you’re probably wondering how in the world to reach a pint-sized island with no airport.

In a day and age where Uber rules our lives, travelers will have to opt for the old-fashioned way of getting around.

A combo of trains and boats will get you to one of Italy’ best kept secrets in no time. Well, at least about half the time of a Kevin Costner western.

Travelers can take a train from Rome to Naples, reaching Formia in about an hour. From Formia, expect an 1.5-2hr ferry ride to reach this relatively unknown paradise.

Empty stone street in Ventotene

There are other cool day trips from the island too. I mean, is island hopping ever a bad idea?

Tourists can also book a tour to nearby Santo Stefano, an uninhabited island with gorgeous waters for yet another blissful escape less than 2 miles away.

While going to jail is never on travelers’ wishlists in a foreign country, this island is the exception.

Home to the Prison of Santo Stefano Island, this historic popular attraction can be viewed as the ‘Alcatraz’ of Italy.

This Small Island Packs A Punch

Avoiding crowds and holding bragging rights to discovering your newfound paradise are great and all, but there are some truly awesome attractions here.

Unique rock formations and clear sea water of Ventotene

Circling back to Roman history, you’d be remiss to ignore the remains of the massive palace of Villa Giulia, named after Julia the Elder, whom was the daughter of Roman Emporer, Augustus.

It’s no Colosseum, but it’s intriguing for sure.

If you’re looking for stunning views and calm blue waters, Ventotene is the place. Although a bit rocky in certain spots, don’t let that deter you from enjoying your sunny beach days.

There is ample space to lounge in the sun or to hit the waters for primetime snorkeling. Both Cala Nave and Cala Rossano hold rave reviews from visitors.

Aerial view of Ventotene harbor

The latter of which is much larger and backdropped by the incredible Villa Giulia mentioned before.

Hotels are few and far between, but the options are classic Italy. Traditional buildings transformed into boutique stays like Hotel Relais Cala dei Romani.

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