Europe as a whole has been seeing more visitors than ever before, but two countries in particular are trending with travelers right now.

According to recent data from Travel and Tour World, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have each seen a 22% increase in international visitors compared to 2019.

I just visited both of these countries for the first time a few months ago, and I can definitely understand the hype.

Here’s why travelers are loving these two Central European destinations so much right now.

They’re Affordable

Both Slovakia and the Czech Republic remain quite affordable compared to all of Western Europe.

Your money will go a lot further in Slovakia (which uses the Euro) and the Czech Republic (whose currency is the Czech koruna) than it would in most other European destinations.

Going out to eat was not expensive in either country, and I often spent under $15 for an entree and a drink at dinner.

Hotels, activities, and transportation are also cheaper in these countries.

Bratislava, Slovakia. View of Bratislava main square with the city hall in the background. copy

Amazing Capital Cities

Another reason travelers are loving Slovakia and the Czech Republic right now?

Both countries have awesome capital cities!

Prague, the Czech Republic’s capital, is already very famous, and for good reason.

This fairytale-like city is one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Female tourist walking on the Charles Bridge alone during a foggy morning in Prague, capital of Czech Republic

However, I was also pleasantly surprised by Bratislava, Slovakia.

I hadn’t heard as much about it, but it ended up being one of my favorite new cities, especially the charming and compact Old Town.

Great To Visit Any Time Of Year

Another reason why Slovakia and the Czech Republic have become so popular is because they are excellent destinations to visit (almost) any time of year.

Spring, summer, and fall are all amazing times to go to Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Personally, I visited in early December, and I also thought this was a fantastic time to go!

Bratislava Christmas Market


Despite the cold (it snowed in both Bratislava and Prague while I was there), the Christmas markets in both destinations were so magical!

Prague is especially famous for its massive Christmas market in the Old Town Square, but I was also enchanted by Bratislava’s markets.

The only time I would really avoid these countries is in the dead of winter from January through March, when there isn’t as much going on.

Panoramic View Of Cesky Krumlov, Czechia, Czech Republic, Central Europe

Where To Go In The Czech Republic

I recommend spending at least three full days in Prague because there is just so much to do!

Visiting the Prague Castle complex is a must.

I loved eating at the Lobkowicz Palace Restaurant & Café, which offers amazing views of Prague and has delicious soups and sandwiches, so much that I went there twice!

I also enjoyed the Old Town Hall in Prague — climb all the way to the top of the tower for amazing views over the Old Town Square!

Old Town Square in Prague

If you want to take a day trip from Prague, Český Krumlov is another popular destination in the Czech Republic.

This small town is 2.5 hours by bus from Prague and is impossibly charming and picturesque.

Where To Go In Slovakia

You can take a train from Prague to Bratislava, which takes about 4.5 hours.

I recommend spending at least two full days in Bratislava.

Although it’s considerably smaller than Prague, there’s still a lot to do.

Bratislava Castle

My favorite things were Bratislava Castle and the Primacial Palace, a beautiful palace and museum tucked away in the Old Town.

There are also lots of quirky things to do in Bratislava, like visiting the whimsical Blue Church and the retrofuturistic UFO Tower.

If you have more time in Slovakia, the Tatra Mountains are a stunning part of the country to visit.

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