If you’re looking for an amazing destination to add to your bucket list or for your next vacation, then this beautiful European destination is a great place to start.

Do you like the sound of great Mediterranean weather, a rich cultural heritage, great food, and warm and welcoming people?

One Spanish city in particular is attracting attention for all the right reasons right now.

Here’s why Madrid is soaring in popularity with American travelers:  

Increasing Visitor Numbers

The 3 biggest markets for tourism in Spain right now are the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Visitors from the UK by far outpace visitors from any other country.

The United States is the biggest non-European tourism market in Spain.

Old Street Madrid Spain

The number of American tourists choosing to visit Spain has grown rapidly this year and this trend is expected to continue during the winter season too.

Compared to 2019, American spending in Spain in 2023 has increased by a whopping 58%. And one of the best and most popular destinations for American tourists to visit is Madrid.

Cultural Explorations

It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in culture and architecture or not: when you visit Madrid it’s impossible to avoid!

The Alcala Door (Puerta de Alcala) Madrid

As the capital of Spain, Madrid is full of picturesque buildings full of stories. Because Madrid is a pedestrian-friendly city, many of these landmarks can be explored on foot.

Some of the best spots include the Plaza Mayor, which is an open square surrounded by gorgeous balcony-trimmed buildings. This is a great place to take photos, stop for a drink, and people-watch.

Other architectural attractions worth exploring include the neoclassical Palacio de Cibeles or the Palacio Real (which translates to mean Royal Palace), which was the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family.

The Royal Palace in Madrid

Outside of these most famous spots, because Madrid is such an old city, you’ll find rich architecture and fascinating structures in the most unexpected places when you take a walk around Madrid.

Madrid is a city of palaces, churches, and convents. The result is old-world architecture sat alongside modern buildings and stores at every turn.

Vibrant Atmosphere

Spain is a country that knows how to party. There are fairs and fiestas for almost every occasion. But if you’re travelling with partying in mind then Madrid is one of the best places to be.

The city has an incredible nightlife scene that is lively and welcoming, and there is something to suit nearly every taste.

Madrid at night

You can chill with the locals in a laidback tapas bar. Dance until dawn in one of the city’s many nightclubs. Or spend the evening watching an opera in the Teatro Real. There are concerts and bands playing somewhere in the city every night and music to cater for all tastes.

If you visit Madrid during the winter months, which are considered the low season for tourism, then you can really immerse yourself in Spanish culture by partying like a local. The nights are long, but the fun never stops!

The Gardens of Madrid

It is unusual to talk about how green a city is but this is certainly true of Madrid. Madrid is an incredibly green city and it boasts famous gardens that people travel around the world to see.

The El Retiro park is one of a kind. You can see unusual examples of flora and fauna here while also exploring via small boat rides during weekends.

Next to the Palacio Real, you will find the Sabatini gardens. These are formal geometric gardens but have been thoughtfully designed. And combining gardens with culture, the Rosales Park Gardens are home to the Egyptian Temple of Debod.

fountain of Cibeles In Madrid, Spain

It would be impossible to talk about Madrid without mentioning its famous fountains. The most famous of these is the Fountain of Cibeles which is said to be the symbol of Madrid.

The fountains of Neptune and Apollo are also popular sights in the city with both locals and tourists alike. Local football fans gather at these fountains to celebrate their victories.

Food Glorious Food

Finally Spain is famous for its food, and Madrid boasts its own regional dishes that are worth visiting for.

There are hundreds of very good restaurants in Madrid and whether you’re looking for Michelin-starred fine dining or simple rustic tapas, you won’t be disappointed.

tourists eat churros in Madrid

If you get the opportunity, don’t miss a trip to El Botin. Founded in 1725, this is the oldest restaurant in the world that is still operating, and it is famous for its delicious roasted suckling pig.

If you prefer to grab and go, then you’re in luck. Madrid is famous for its delicious varieties of pastries, and you will find a bakery on every corner. For this reason, Madrid is often referred to as one of the pastry capitals of the world.

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