Have you ever watched a travel show that instills so much wanderlust and envy you wish you could transport to that bucket-list destination right away? Well, this lush island is no exception. With its mountainous greenery, volcanic beaches, and vibrant reefs, it’s easy to see why!

An Eastern Caribbean Island in the middle of the sea, Saint Lucia ☀️ offers such diversity in its landscapes and accommodations. From quaint fishing villages to beach-front luxury resorts, you’ll have no trouble finding something or somewhere to spend your time that suits all your needs.

If rainforests, waterfalls, and untouched beaches sound like an ideal winter vacation idea to you, then let’s dive right in (no pun intended!)

Travel Is Easier Than Ever

It’s no fun traveling to a destination for a week or two that’s difficult to reach — especially with limited time off! With several popular carriers expanding their fleets to the Island of Saint Lucia, it’s now easier than ever for Americans to travel to paradise this winter.

The tourism board of Saint Lucia remains proactive with keeping ties within the U.S., calling for a “substantial increase” in flight options for American travelers.

saint lucia views

A Few New Routes Being Added:

  • Delta Airlines: added a second Saturday flight between Atlanta and the Island (Starting in Jan.)
  • American Airlines: Added extra seats to its Miami-Saint Lucia route & Charlotte route
  • American Airlines: Also bringing back a second daily flight from Miami (Dec.-Jan.)
  • Jetblue: Increased capacity on its Saturday service from New York (Nov.& Dec.)

While these are only a few flight updates leaving from the U.S. to Saint Lucia, it’s important to note there are still an abundance of options to travel to the tropical Island this winter!

st lucia waterfall

The Rain Ceases!

You know what really makes the ideal winter getaway? SUN. No one wants to be in a tropical oasis to escape the cold, only to find themselves in a puddle of rain and murky waters.

Lucky for you, this won’t be an issue in Saint Lucia if you’re planning a visit from December to April. With the rainy season coming to an end in December, the winter really is the ideal time to visit Saint Lucia if you’re on the hunt for 87-degree days and the warmth of the Caribbean sun.

As the rain washes away and the sun reappears, so does the wildlife and lushness of the surroundings. During this time, travelers are encouraged to make the most of visiting nearby rainforests, mineral baths, and soft beaches throughout the Island.

aerial view of St. Lucia

Speaking Of Wildlife And Scenery…

So, you’re lucky enough to be in Saint Lucia during the driest months of the year. You’re sitting on the beach in 80-degree weather, surrounded by sandy beaches and clear waters… Now what!?

For adventure lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, guess what? Saint Lucia is one of the best islands to experience it all in one vacation! Thanks to the biodiverse landscapes and myriad of animal and marine life, there’s an array of activities for you to get out there and experience it all firsthand.

man on a kayak in the ocean

  • Sail a Catamaran
  • Zipline over the rainforest
  • Choose from hundreds of watersports
  • Try an aerial ride over Babonneau forest
  • Hike the nearby mountains
  • Scuba dive in Soufriere Marine
  • Soak in a few mineral baths

More activity ideas can be found here and with local suppliers in-country!

Underwater Scene With Reef And Tropical Fish. Snorkeling in the tropical sea

Experience The Culture

Want a change of pace and scenery from a typical ‘winter vacation?’ If you’re visiting Saint Lucia any time of the year, be sure to chat with the friendly locals and learn about their beautiful culture.

From November to December, The Atlantic Rally For Cruisers is in town, making for a fun day out for all travelers. The annual sailing competition will visit Rodney Bay in Saint Lucia in December and attract close to 200 yachts — what a backdrop!

aerial view of a beach in the Caribbean

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