Why This Country Was Just Ranked Best In The World For Solo Female Travelers

There’s no doubt that more people than ever are expanding their horizons and trying solo travel.

The trend is growing, especially among women, but even with that said, it can be daunting to choose where to go when embarking on such a trip.

Luckily, there is more and more research in the field, the latest of which has uncovered that European hot spot Croatia has been ranked as the best country for female solo travelers.

The study was conducted by MoneyTransfers and ranked countries based on numerous metrics including cost of transport, average hotel price, number of hotels per 100,000 people, crime and safety indexes, weather, and the gender equality rating.

Croatia came out on top ahead of New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden and Japan, and boasts low crime, plenty of accommodation options, and lots to see and do.

Exploding In Popularity

Croatia has become one of the leading tourist destinations in Europe over the last few years.

Droves of travelers have been flocking there for its beautiful coastline, enchanting and historic cities, and cult status brought about by being host to many filming locations for the popular TV show Game of Thrones.

Split bay aerial view through stone window, Dalmatia, Croatia

There is something in Croatia for every kind of traveler, whether that’s island hopping on the sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea, enjoying the culture and arts of its rich and interesting past, or taking a food tour of its Eastern European-inspired cuisine.

This variety of attractions is probably one reason why solo female travelers love Croatia.

Safe And Small

Croatia is regarded as a safe country, which is probably one of the most important factors that solo female travelers consider.

The 2023 Global Peace Index has Croatia down as the 14th safest country in the world, which surprisingly places it ahead of nations including Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and Australia.

zagreb croatia sunset

The country is also ranked as a Level 1 travel advisory by the U.S. Department of State.

Croatia packs a lot into a small area – it’s just 21,851 square miles in size, which is smaller than West Virginia.

This compact size makes it easy to travel around and see it all in one trip – start in the historic coastal city Dubrovnik in the south and work your way up the Adriatic coastline past the capital Zagreb to the northwest region of Istria.

rovinj in istria croatia

From here you can head inland to Central Croatia and Slavonia. All this can be done on inexpensive and reliable buses – though a boat or car hire is also a great way to explore.

Find Some Solace

Some solo travelers seek out party towns and bustling tourist hotspots, but for others, they seek the quieter and lesser-known areas.

There are plenty of those to explore in Croatia, particularly on its numerous and beautiful islands.

Vis, Brac, Bisevo, and Hvar are favorites of our travel experts here at Travel Off Path.

Boats in croatia

The Slavonia region in the northeast is another great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the coastal destinations.

This region is famous for its hospitality and harvest festivals.

Here you can sample local dishes such as a delicious stew known as cobanac while drinking the underrated wines produced in the foothills of the imposing mountains that surround.

Affordable And Agreeable

Despite its surging popularity, Croatia remains an affordable location compared to many of its nearby neighbors, such as Italy and Austria.

The average hotel price comes up at about $110 according to MoneyTransfers and the average cost of one-way transportation in the country is only about $1.60 (we told you those buses were cheap).

woman in an alleyway in istria region of croatia

The 3.28 hotels per 100,000 people is another stat that makes Croatia affordable, as it means that prices stay low with hotels competing against each other for business.

Traveling in the shoulder fall season or off-season in winter is another great way for solo female travelers to keep the costs down on a trip to Croatia.

plitvice lakes national park croatia

The country boasts impressive fall foliage in beautiful rural regions such as Plitvice Lakes, while snow often falls on mountains such as Medvenica in winter, which is only six miles outside of the capital city Zagreb.

Croatia’s rise as a top-rated destination for travelers shows no signs of slowing down.

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