The winter season is fast approaching, and Americans are scrambling to find the warmest places to visit- with affordable prices.

Mexico is considerably popular this time of year for travelers looking for a winter getaway. While hotspots such as Oaxaca, Mexico City, and Puerto Vallarta are certainly appealing, there’s a lesser-known destination that has all the beaches and cultural experiences you could want.

Nicknamed the ‘Pearl of the Pacific,’ Mazatlan is a colonial city in Sinaloa.

Known for its buzzing boardwalk (12 miles long to be exact) and quick access to local beaches, Mazatlan is the Mexican getaway you’ve been looking for this winter!

Local Happenings

It’s no secret that Mexicans are extremely proud of their culture and waste no time celebrating every chance they get. While music is at the forefront of the country’s culture, there’s also so much happening- especially in Mazatlan!

Day of the Dead:

A holiday filled with color, old stories, singing, dancing, and traditional foods, the Day of the Dead is celebrated across the country on November 1st and 2nd.

day of the dead

This year’s ‘Art of Legends’ theme is to honor the memories of those important in developing Mazatlan’s art and culture scene. Visitors can expect to tour the Municipal Arts Center, celebrate in the streets with locals, and witness the world-famous Day of the Dead parade.

  • Exhibitions: November 1, 2023, starting at 7:00 p.m.- tickets are free but required
  • Callejoneada Parade: November 1, 2023, at 8 p.m through the Historic District

dia de muertos mazatlan

You Won’t Get Bored

Whether you want to relax or stay busy, Mazatlan’s array of beaches and activities provide plenty for snowbirds to choose from. Imagine waking up one sunny morning to stroll through the city’s historic district or trying some water sports at the beach — there’s so much to do!

Besides so much to do outside to make the most of the weather, there’s also an abundance of activities to explore inside (if you get an unlucky rainy day on your travels).

Activities To Try On Your Visit:

  • Plaza Machado
  • Gran Acuario Mar De Cortes
  • Observatory 1873 (things to do while you’re here):
    Funicular Railway, Museum, Agaviary, Bird Sanctuary, Ancestral Meeting Center, and the beautiful Sky Bar 360 to end the visit with a few drinks!

mazatlan beach

Excellent Gastronomy

Fancy some fish? Perhaps a light beer on the side? Mazatlan’s position along the Pacific Ocean makes it a prime spot for seafood lovers — especially because it’s the shrimp capital of the world!

A fun day trip option is exploring one of the many agave distilleries in the region, where visitors can learn more about the liquor process (while tasting of course!)

Take part in a “Barrio Bites” food tour around the Old Town or wander through the 100-year-old Mercado Pino Suarez in your own time, sampling some local favorites. Whatever you choose, you’ll 100% be in foodie heaven the whole time.

Restaurant Recs For Local Cuisine:

  • Pedro Y Lola
  • Hector’s Bistro
  • Presidio
  • Casa 46

Two women cook street food in Mexico City

What We’re All Here For.. PERFECT WEATHER!

Winter birds rejoice! You’ll be happy to know that if you’re planning a trip between December and March, this is usually the best time to visit in terms of the weather.

There’s nothing worse than a rained-out beach day or an afternoon that’s unbearably hot. Luckily, with very little rain and temperatures remaining in the high 70s, it’s just about the perfect temp to explore the many beaches in the city, take a couple of day trips, and get adventurous!

Thanks to the weather, this is also a great time to experience the abundance of wildlife that’s around.

the city of Mazatlan Mexico glows in the evening

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