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Pucker up those lips at one these 10 London restaurants and enjoy a delicious night out.

London is replete with fine restaurants. Here are 10 we tried out and suggest you do too. So pucker up and make your way to one of the funky London restaurants.

1. Penelope’s, Russel Street, London

Penelope’s restaurant offers a fusion of Spanish and Israeli cuisine in London’s Covent Garden. Penelope’s is attached to the newly opened, stylish Amano Hotel, nevertheless, the restaurant is likely to become a destination in its own right.

The menu offers an exotic style of cuisine that fuses Spanish and Israeli food (inspired by Chef Schiff’s upbringing in both Tel Aviv in Israel and Madrid in Spain) resulting in utterly delicious flavours.

2 : Jeru, Mayfair, London W1

Jeru (which means ‘Old Town”) restaurant is located in London’s Mayfair. The cuisine is Middle Eastern but with a twist. The menu has been modernised by Australian/Israeli chef Roy Ner to great effect.

3. City Social, London EC2

City Social

You will find the Michelin starred City Social restaurant on the 24th floor of a skyscraper where great views and the finest dining go hand in hand. Dine on rabbit, or guinea fowl amongst other scrumptious dishes while looking over the views of London.

4. Lucy Wong, Rathbone Place, London

Lucy Wong brings back a decadent timeless glamour, with décor inspired by Chinese design, signature cocktails and Cantonese food. It’s primarily a cocktail bar, with food, and the name is inspired by the 1957 novel ‘The World of Suzie Wong’ by Richard Mason – set in Hong Kong in the late 1950s.

5. 7th Cat Chinese Kitchen, Empire Casino, Leicester Square, London

Prawn Dumplings

Make your way past the bouncers, walk down some stairs, thread through the gamers at the slots and arrive at what almost looks like a film set. Except this is a real restaurant serving up decent Asian food. 7th Cat serves up authentic Asian Food among the slot machines and card tables, 7th Cat is a unique dining experience.

6. The Three Crowns Stoke Newington, London

Scotch Egg

The Three Crowns is an excellent gastro pub in the heart of Stoke Newington, with music. They offer a mercifully small modern British menu with the focus on locally-sourced and seasonal produce, prepared by head chef Ousmane Gaye. Outside on Church Street everybody is drinking and eating outside, but the restaurant here is surprisingly quiet.

7.  Tozi Grand Cafe, Battersea, London

Italian restaurant Tozi  Grande Cafe is located on the excitingly named Electric Boulevard right opposite the iconic Grade II Power Station. Tozi Grand Cafe is attached to the Art’otel in trendy Battersea and fits right in. The menu offers Porterhouse Steaks and probably the best chips in London.

8. Monmouth Kitchen, Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London

Monmouth Kitchen in London’s Seven Dials region just off Covent Garden, offers a spectacular fusion of Peruvian and Italian cuisine.

Fusion cooking can sometimes be spectacular, and at other times it can fall spectacularly flat on its gastronomic face. The good news is that they do it particularly well at Monmouth Kitchen. This stylish restaurant is located on Mercer Street, one of the six streets that fan out from the Seven Dials monument in Covent Garden. Though it is part of the Radisson Blu Hotel (see review), it has its own entrance and is open to everyone.

The style is small plates made for sharing, and the experience on the palate is an artful fusion of Peruvian and Italian cuisine.

9. Pulia, Borough Market, London

Pulia restaurant in London delivers an authentic taste of Southern Italy in relaxed surroundings. The restaurant is a contemporary light and airy space with decor from Southern Italy. Olivewood table tops and earthenware pots, sprouting shoots of wheat lining the window add to the Mediterranean vibe.  A long bar, shelves stacked with wines, olive oils and balsamic vinegar, fills one wall. Mercifully the music is kept low, quiet enough for conversation.

10. Treehouse@51, St James, London

The area of London’s St James evokes a sense of decorum. It’s especially pukka around Buckingham Gate, where at number 51, you will find the Taj Hotel and its separate restaurant Treehouse@51. Together they contribute their style of finery to the landscape.

Treehouse@51  is a beautiful designer restaurant, with a long sultry bar, fine food and al fresco dining around a fountain.

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