Holidaymakers looking to treat themselves to a summer cruise are being given top tips on how to have the most luxurious experience possible. Experts from Panache Cruises, the specialists in ultra luxury cruises, have named the most lavish ways cruise-goers can pamper themselves on a ship.

While most cruises offer a range of amenities as part of their standard fare, travellers looking for an extra indulgent experience can opt for luxurious add-ons to feel like royalty during their trip. Cruisers have the option to splurge on relaxing spa treatments, speciality dining, private excursions, and upgrade to a larger suite for added comfort.

Those who really want to bask in 7* service can take it up a notch and book a suite with a personal butler so they’ll never have to lift a finger.James Cole, founder and managing director at Panache Cruises said: “If you want to have the best cruise experience possible then it’s worth splurging on some extras for VIP treatment.

“Make sure to choose a cruise line that offers top-notch amenities and services and look for ships with spacious cabins, fine dining options, and plenty of onboard activities. “Always look at the total cost of the cruise holiday and not just the original cruise fare. “Most luxury cruise lines include aspects such as speciality dining, non-alcoholic drinks, shore excursions and spa access as part of the standard fare, whereas these will be chargeable extras on most standard cruise lines. “Embarking on a luxury cruise for many people is a once-in-a-lifetime experience so you may as well make the most of it.”

Here are eight luxurious ways cruise passengers can treat themselves from the team at Panache Cruises:

  1. Lavish cabin or suite 

Upgrading to a suite or superior balcony stateroom will give you extra privacy, more floor area, and the chance to enjoy stunning ocean views and fresh air. If you’re looking for the best of the best you can opt for an ultra-luxurious suite which may come with facilities like a private pool or jacuzzi plus exclusive access to specialty lounges and spa terraces.

Many of the larger suites are ‘mini residences’ and will include every possible amenity. Invite new found friends on-board your ship to dine in your private in-suite dining room or enjoy drinks at your private bar. Some suites even come equipped with private music rooms, grand pianos, private gymnasiums and even a fully equipped office.

  1. Beverage package 

Luxury cruise lines will typically include all soft drinks and speciality coffees within the standard cruise fare. Some cruise lines even include alcohol including all premium brand labels (unlike at most all-inclusive beach resorts). These premium packages are perfect for those who want to be sipping on their favourite drinks throughout the holiday without worrying about the cost. This will usually work out far cheaper rather than paying for drinks individually, as cruise bars can be quite pricey. 

  1. Specialty dining 

Rather than having your dinner at the ship’s standard restaurants, you can opt for specialty dining in one of the excellent quality restaurants on-board. These restaurants provide a more intimate setting, delicious cuisine, fine wines and top-notch service. Luxury cruise ships typically include three or more themed restaurants which showcase the finest cuisine from a particular country or region. Whilst these can arrive at a cost on standard cruise lines by way of a ‘cover charge’, speciality dining restaurants are usually included within the fare with most luxury cruise lines. 

  1. Spa treatments 

Indulge in a luxurious spa experience where you can select from a range of treatments, including massages, facials, and body scrubs. Many luxury cruise lines have a range of exclusive treatments that can only be found on-board specific ships. For added relaxation, you can also unwind in the ship’s thermal suite which will typically include a steam room, sauna, heated stone beds and a Thalassotherapy pool. Whilst facilities do vary by ship, it is worth remembering that access to shared spa facilities like the thermal suite are typically included free of charge on luxury cruise lines whereas they may be chargeable extras on mainstream lines.   

  1. Fitness and enrichment 

On most cruise ships, you will find fitness facilities where you can participate in various classes such as yoga, pilates, and spinning. On some cruise lines, such as Oceania Cruises, foodies can also book a cooking class and learn new recipes from a variety of celebrity chefs. Some ships even come equipped with an art room where guests can learn how to paint in different styles from some of the world’s most celebrated artists. 

  1. Private excursions 

You can opt for a private and personalised shore excursion, rather than following a large group. This way you can fully customise your itineraries, go at your own pace and see the sights you’re interested in. You’ll get your own personal guide with a private vehicle who will meet you at the port and will make sure you’ll return to the ship in time. 

  1. Personal butler 

Certain suites on-board luxury cruise ships will be supported by a butler. This means that you’ll receive the most attentive service possible for the length of your cruise.  Your butler will take care of every little detail. They will unpack your suitcases, arrange the suite to your liking, make dining reservations, book your shore excursions, bring drinks to your suite, run your bath to your liking with a range of bath salts, take care of your laundry and even organise parties in your suite. 

  1. Private cabanas 

You can reserve a luxurious cabana for yourself and your travel companions on various decks of the ship or during private island visits. You’ll get access to an exclusive or adult-only area where you can usually find uber-comfortable loungers, a drinks table and curtains that can be drawn for privacy. The amenities may also include complimentary snacks, drinks and entertainment devices.

  1. Chef’s Table 

Most luxury cruise lines will have a Chef’s Table or a Private Dining room for an exclusive dining experience. Typically a small group of guests are treated to a multi-course tasting menu with wine pairing in an intimate environment with stunning views of the passing seascape. The meals are prepared by the ship’s Head Chef who will be dedicated just to your table for the evening. Most Head Chefs on-board the luxury cruise lines have been schooled by famous celebrity chefs and have worked in some of the world’s finest Michelin-starred restaurants. The private dinner experience can take up to four hours due to the variety of courses, detailed descriptions of each dish from your chef and the in-between course conversations with fellow diners.

  1. Luxurious destinations 

Some of the world’s most luxurious destinations include the Bahamas, Monaco, Portofino, and the Galapagos are best viewed from the sea. Those looking for a unique cruise experience where luxury and adventure go hand in hand could consider destinations like Cape Town and the North Pole. Many people enjoy luxury river cruises too, which offer a picturesque voyage through stunning cities like Vienna. Opt for a luxury cruise line that will take you to the lavish destinations of your dreams.

Panache Cruises is the leading UK provider of ultra-luxury cruises and partners only with the World’s most luxurious cruise lines such as Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn, Silversea, Oceania Cruises, Explora Journeys, Emerald and Scenic. With full ATOL financial protection, Panache Cruises’ customers also benefit from the company’s Customer Trust Fund which provides total peace of mind.

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