Turkiye is a traveller’s paradise with a culmination of its historic cities, breathtaking scenery, and unique cultural diversity. It’s therefore no wonder that the country has become a popular destination for tourists looking to discover its many unravelled and exotic locations. While the cities of Istanbul, Ankara, and Antalya continue to be among the most popular and are frequently graced by visitors from all over the world, other hidden gems of Turkiye too are now catching up with them

Here are 3 less explored but highly promising tourist destinations in Turkiye that would satisfy every traveller’s wanderlust and are now becoming popular with tourists looking to take the road less travelled.


The Kanlica neighbourhood is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, a short ferry journey away. Kanlica is a peaceful nestled-away haven making it one of the most sought after hidden gems in Turkiye. Its magnificent Mihrabat Nature Park,  the open water swimming competition in the Bosphorus, and the antique wooden shoreline homes, are among the things that make this destination so special.  For foodies, it is highly recommended to try the neighbourhood treat: yoghurt sprinkled with caster sugar


Listed on  UNESCO’s World Heritage List, Çanakkale is a port city in Turkiye which witnessed  two very important battles of Turkish history, making it  home to several memorial monuments such as Canakkale Martyrs Monument and Respect to Mehmetçik Monument, amongst others. The city is also known for the country’s most famous archaeological sites, such as the Archaeological Site of Troy, Alexandria Troas Ruins, etc. Visitors can explore the ruins and learn more about the region’s rich history while also enjoying other parts of  Çanakkale

Butterfly Valley

A fantastic location for trekking which is nestled between the towering peaks of Mount Babadag, Butterfly Valley is known for its lush greenery, breathtaking views, beautiful sunsets, and, of course, an unending variety of butterfly species. Additionally, the place offers some of the region’s finest wines, making it a must-visit for wine enthusiasts

Turkiye is, hence, one of the countries in the World which is replete with beautiful coastlines, charming villages and has something to offer to everyone. Its rich cultural heritage makes it a hub of hidden gems and off-beat locations that one should include in their list when planning their next vacation to Turkiye!

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