5 Reasons This European Country Is A Great Destination For Digital Nomads

As digital nomads continue to spread out all over the world, it seems every day a new country is making headlines for being the best place for remote workers to come and set up shop for a while.

Since there is no shortage of great places for digital nomads to pick from, no matter the continent, the news that a country might be the next top choice is always welcome for remote workers.

While Europe has numerous countries that offer digital nomad visas, with a lower cost of living and many other benefits that entice digital nomads, some countries rise to the top.

For example, take the central European country of Hungary, a recent favorite for remote workers for numerous reasons.

Why is Hungary gaining fans in the digital nomad community these days? Well, there are many reasons, and to be honest, there are not too many reasons why this lovely diverse country is not perfect for remote workers.

Aerial skyline view of the famous Benedictine Monastery of Tihany (Tihany Abbey) with beautiful colourful sky and clouds at sunrise over Lake Balaton

Here Are 5 Reasons Hungary Is A Great Destination For Digital Nomads:

1. Budapest

Easily the main draw of this central European country is its stunning capital city of Budapest. Famous and beloved by travelers for a long time, this historic city has recently been gaining traction with digital nomads from all over the world.

A new study has recently ranked Budapest as one of the top three cities in the world for remote workers, based on prices and cost of living as well as for the city’s creative vibe.

Budapest also has good internet, ample public wifi, and a wide range of coworking options to choose from, not to mention numerous cafes where you can log on from as you people-watch.


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2. Budget Friendly

Hungary’s capital city of Budapest has been making several lists in recent press, including being a budget option as well as being a destination where your US dollar will stretch the furthest.

While it’s cheap for a holiday, both Budapest and Hungary as a whole are affordable options for digital nomads looking for a European country without breaking the bank.

Although most digital nomads in Hungary choose Budapest, many also find Lake Blaaton, located in the western part of the county, a great choice. The breathtaking nature and rolling hills of this wine-growing region are proving popular with those who want to get out of this city without breaking the bank.


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3. The Best Digital Nomad Visa In Europe?

Hungary’s digital nomad visa is officially referred to as the White Card and is known to be the cheapest and easiest digital nomad visa to obtain in all of Europe.

Available to those who hail from non-EEA countries, the white card grants a stay of up to two years and applies to those who work remotely and have a valid job contact with an employer outside of Hungary.

Among other standard requirements, applicants must prove a monthly income of at least €2,000 a month, a much lower figure than in other popular European countries.

Note that this white card is geared toward single applicants only and does not support spouses or dependents.

Tourist in the old town of Szentendre, Hungary

4. Location

As one of the most underrated countries for digital nomads, Hungary offers an ideal location in terms of its position to many other destinations for when you have time to get away and explore neighboring countries.

Bordered by other stunning hotspots such as Romania, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, and Serbia, the options to travel from Hungary are endless. Not to mention the low-cost carriers that connect the county’s main airport hubs to the outside of the country for next to nothing.

For those that live in Budapest, the chances to get out into the countryside and explore on your days off are abundant, and trains and buses make these trips cheap and easy.

Little village Hollókő Holloko spring time in Hungary

5. Safety

Oftentimes locations that are known to be cheap are also known to perhaps not be the safest destinations, and luckily this is not the case with Hungary.

Even in its capital city of Budapest, crime rates are low, and most who come here, be it for a holiday or for a longer term, cite safety as the main reason that they remain here.

Of course, practicing all the normal precautions are suggested, but overall digital nomads who come to Hungary report having a safe experience.

Hefiz Lake Thermal Baths Hungary

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