5 Reasons Why Solo Travelers Are Headed To This California City Right Now

California will always be a popular place to visit for American and international travelers alike, but according to a recent poll by Fifty Grande, San Diego currently ranks as one of the top destinations for American solo travelers in 2023.

While there’s no denying the timeless appeal of San Diego’s tropical climate, cultural and outdoor attractions, and convenient proximity to Mexico, why are so many solo travelers heading to San Diego right now?

There Are New Direct Flights

Firstly, it’s easier than ever to get there. Amid a slew of new flights recently launched by Alaska Airlines are two direct routes to San Diego, with one more coming in October.

Travelers in Eugene, Oregon and Washington, D.C. are now served with direct flights to and from San Diego, and Tempe, Florida will be added to the list this fall, making it easier than ever to pop over for the weekend, get to know the city for a week or two, or, for digital nomads, make it a long-term base.

airplane landing in san diego

To cope with the traffic on its new routes, as well as with the surge in travel throughout the world this summer, Alaska Airlines is preparing for the demand by hiring more staff and graduating a greater number of pilots than they have in previous years, which will hopefully help ease the crowds and prevent the delays that other airlines have already been experiencing this summer.

It’s Ideal For Digital Nomads

With the rise of the digital nomad in recent years, internet connectivity has become even more important for those who choose to combine travel and work. San Diego recently ranked number one among major cities for internet connectivity and download speeds, making it a popular destination for travelers working from their laptops.

Not only does San Diego rank as one of the best cities for working remotely, but the city also offers free wifi in many public places, including Balboa Park, if you need to be able to whip out your laptop or accept a FaceTime from a colleague at a moment’s notice.

woman on laptop in cafe

There Are Events To Choose From

San Diego is the place to be for those solo travelers looking to meet people this summer. If you prefer dancing the night away at a music festival, you should check out Bayfest 23 or Bleached Fest, while art lovers may find themselves strolling solo or joining up with a fellow traveler for any of the events of San Diego’s ArtWalk.

And of course, San Diego plays host to the iconic Comic-Con, which draws visitors from all over the world and is in person this year for just the second time since the pandemic.

woman at music festival hands up

Meet Other Travelers Over Food

While major cities like San Diego always have a mouth-watering array of cuisines and restaurants to choose from, there are some eagerly-anticipated restaurant openings this summer that are surely drawing foodies from around the country.

While you may know celebrities like Tony Hawk and Kevin Hart from other industries, they are each opening their own restaurants in San Diego this summer.

As the U.S.’s love of fried chicken shows no signs of letting up, former skater Tony Hawk is expected to open his chicken joint Chick & Hawk sometime this summer, while comedian Kevin Hart will be expanding his vegan chain Hart House to a San Diego location.

fried chicken stand

For a slightly more upscale experience, travelers and locals alike can look forward to the opening of Gaslamplighter, a “karaoke bar meets speakeasy.”

While a solo traveler can always grab a new friend from a hostel or music event to check out these new dining options, there’s no denying that one of the benefits of traveling by yourself is getting to squeeze into packed and popular restaurants that may not be able to accommodate a group of people.

Just imagine getting to skip the line when you tell the host, “Just one person–you can stick me anywhere!”

woman eating alone

It’s Considered A Safe City

While it’s always important to be aware of your personal safety as a solo traveler no matter where you are, San Diego is generally considered to be a safe city. Statistics from the San Diego Police Department for 2022 show a decrease in violent crime and rank San Diego as one of the safest cities in the U.S., which is something that is always appealing to travelers, especially when they’re exploring solo.

people at the park in san diego

What Are You Waiting For?

San Diego and all of California have a lot to attract travelers at any time of the year, but it’s clear that San Diego is really the place to be this summer for solo travelers in the U.S., whether you want to stay for a few days or a few weeks, enjoy your solitude or meet up with other travelers or locals, or whether you enjoy a trendy new restaurant or want to experience local art on your days off from remote work.

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