5 Reasons Why This Asian Country Is So Popular With Solo Travelers Right Now

Whether you’re a nomad or just want to get away for a week or so, the list of solo travel destinations is endless. Solo travel has sky-rocketed in the past year and has become a popular pastime for adventurers looking to visit new countries.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a place to begin your solo travel journey, and while the foodie scenes and communities are important, safety is often the top concern for most.

With its cherry blossom seasons, quaint villages, and safety ranking, hordes of solo travelers are traveling to Japan now more than ever, and here’s why.

Solo Dining Made Easy

A huge concern of many solo travelers is the fear of eating alone. It’s less so about how we feel than what others may think of us. While solo traveling has become increasingly popular over the years, you still get the occasional few who wonder why you’re eating by yourself.

Luckily, solo travel is the norm throughout Japan (for locals too). Japan is a hub for business travelers too, so you’ll find many restaurants are designed with counter-side tables for those traveling alone to sit and chat.

The locals are also extremely friendly and welcoming throughout Japan, so if you want to pass the time with some stellar Asian cuisine and counter-side convos, this is the place.


Hotel Options for Solo Travelers

A new idea that’s popping up in the hospitality world is the idea of rooms perfect for solo travelers. Throughout Japan, capsule hotels are a huge phenomenon. If you’re okay with minimal space, your room is in a pod where you can sleep.

If you want your own space and to feel a little extra safe at night, some hotels in Tokyo even have women-only floors (a huge bonus for us solo travelers). Some of the capsule hotels are also designed solely for female guests: no men allowed!

tokyo japan views

Female-Only Train Cabins

While the train system in Japan is extremely convenient, it’s also very chaotic during peak hours. If you’re traveling solo, it’s best to travel during off-peak hours, when you’ll have a little more time to get acquainted.

If you are brave enough to travel during rush hour in Tokyo, there are female-only train cabins available during these hours. A stressful time for most getting to and from work, these cabins come as a peace of mind for solo females.

traditionally dressed Japanese women eating food on a bench


One major perk of solo travel is the ability to make your own schedule and explore new streets on your own time. According to a study done by Bounce Luggage, Japan made it to the number one spot for the safest place to travel in 2023.

Due to more tourists flocking to the country post-covid, the overall crime rate in Japan did increase in 2022. However, according to Bounce’s survey, the country still ranked 23.1/100 on the crime index (one spot above Switzerland).

Cities such as Osaka and Tokyo are extremely safe to walk around at night. With a low crime rate, buzzing energy, and fellow travelers, women should feel okay venturing through most destinations in Japan when the sun sets. (Of course, it’s always important to stay vigilant wherever you are in the world!)

women wlaking in alley

Police Presence

Another huge reason why Japan is one of the safest destinations for travelers this year is due to its police presence. Known as ‘Koban,’ the Japanese local police force are stationed throughout the streets, making it easy for them to respond to any dangers quickly.

As a solo traveler in a new country, merely seeing some form of security in the streets is an instant relief to most. It’s nice to know that if anything did happen, there are people you can speak to right away.

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