Forget stuffy resorts with the same old experience. This hidden gem in Georgia throws the ultimate curveball, and I loved every moment I spent there!

Prepare yourself for gourmet farm-to-table feasts you won’t (and I can’t) stop raving about, unique bourbon tastings, horseback rides through stunning scenery, and so much more.

This hidden country resort offers the perfect blend of indulgence and adventure and is surprisingly close to both Atlanta and Chattanooga.

Intrigued? I don’t blame you!

This hidden gem in Georgia is called Barnsley Resort, and it truly lives up to the hype.

Keep reading to discover all the incredible experiences that await you…

Food and Drinks

Trust me when I say that the food alone is worth going to Barnsley Resort. Seriously, forgive me in advance for how much I have to say about it; it’s just that good!

There are several restaurant options at the resort, but whatever you do, please be sure to have at least one meal prepared by Executive Chef Andre Sattler.

We were lucky enough to have multiple meals prepared by Chef Andre, and they were life-changing.

My absolute favorite meal was a Blue Rock Vineyard luncheon in the culinary garden at the Barnsley Farm.

Executive Chef Andre and Farm Chef Hugo Ronceros put together an incredible farm-to-table meal, which was impeccably paired with several wines from Blue Rock Vineyard.

Lunch was served on the garden patio and was honestly one of the most picturesque lunches I’ve ever had.

If the atmosphere wasn’t already perfect enough, Chef Andre and Chef Hugo’s three-course lunch, complete with bread service and dessert, was unbelievable.

Cooking at Blue Rock Vineyard Luncheon at Barnsley Resort
Executive Chef Andre Sattler preparing our delicious Mushroom Toast

They served mushroom toast made with the freshest ingredients on top of grilled sourdough bread.

This sounds simple, but the glazed carrots were actually the best carrots I’ve ever had.

Then, our talented chefs put together a beautifully carved truffle chicken that looked and smelled delicious, and everyone raved about it.

For the vegetarian in the group (myself), they prepared the best stuffed pepper of my entire life.

It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t mention how incredible the Woodford Whiskey Bread Pudding was, especially drizzled with a creamy vanilla sauce.

I would actually come back just to have this meal again.

I’ve talked a little too much about just this one meal, but it was one of the highlights of my entire trip. There were so many other incredible meals as well, but I’ll just lightly touch on them.

Stuffed Bell Pepper at Barnsley Resort
Stuffed Bell Pepper at Barnsley Resort

I highly recommend the Woodlands signature benedict at Woodland’s Grill for breakfast.

If you’re looking for the perfect lunch hangout atmosphere, you need to head to the Beer Garden.

We had an incredible barbeque lunch with fresh salad, guacamole, and nachos.

Then they brought out some boneless ribs and pulled pork sandwiches that smelled so good they had me questioning my vegetarian lifestyle.

Again, I’ve talked a lot about the food, but I’ve yet to really mention the drinks. One of the signature events at Barnsley Resort is Barnsley’s Bourbon Infusion Experience.

The infusion consists of bourbon going through a time-released drip to infuse the flavor of house-smoked pecans (because it’s Georgia, of course).

Guests can enjoy a complimentary tasting of this flavorful and unique bourbon infusion and watch the time-released bourbon drip right in the lobby!

Bourbon Infusion at Barnsley Resort
Bourbon Infusion at Barnsley Resort

Now let’s talk about the wine.

As I’ve already mentioned, Barnsley often works with Blue Rock Vineyard.

Other than the luncheon, one of my favorite things they did together was a guided history tour and wine tasting.

Our two incredible tour guides, along with the Blue Rock Vineyard representative, took us through the property with several wine and cheese stops along the way.

They explained the history of the property and Barnsley family and showed us the stunning Barnsley manor house ruins at its 200-year-old garden.

Historic Gardens at Barnsley Resort
Historic Gardens at Barnsley Resort

Our tour guides were so passionate about the property and even had family connections that dated back several generations!

So if you like bourbon, wine, beer, or even prefer other types of cocktails (you should try their Amaretto sour with an egg white top), then you’ll be in for a great time at Barnsley Resort.


With all of the food and alcohol, you might want to fit some physical activity into your trip.

You can use their fully equipped gym, or you can explore your adventurous side. You’ll never run out of adventurous things to do at Barnsley Resort.

Barnsley Resort has a stunning golf course sprawling across an incredible landscape — it’s an actual golfer’s paradise.

Don’t worry if you’re not much of a golfer; there are tons of other activities.

Fabio the horse, at Barnsley Resort
Fabio the horse, at Barnsley Resort

Do you like archery? How about axe throwing? Maybe skeet shooting or UTV riding? Or maybe you’d rather try my personal favorite — horseback riding!

Barnsley has all these things and more! They even have an exercise trail that leads to an incredible view of the resort when you reach the top.

Each of these activities can easily be adjusted to most skill levels, so don’t worry if you want to try something for the first time!

I’d never gone skeet shooting before, but our instructor was amazing.

Everyone in our group was able to hit the clay pigeon target before we finished.

Skeet Shooting at Barnsley Resort
Beretta Shooting Grounds by High Adventure Company

Family Friendly

A lot of the adventurous activities I just mentioned can be great for families too, but Barnsley Resort also has plenty of other activities that are perfect for every type of family.

There are several fire pits and corn hole games along the main row of cottages, and the resort even puts s’mores ingredients out in the lobby in the evenings.

The cottages are perfect for a home away from home feel.

They come in several different sizes to accommodate larger families or groups of friends.

Cottage at Barnsley Resort
Cottage at Barnsley Resort

The cottages are beautiful and blend perfectly with the rest of the resort’s atmosphere. I honestly wish they belonged to a real village where you could live permanently — I’d move in tomorrow if I could.

Not only is it family-friendly, but Barnsley Resort is also pet-friendly!

We met several adorable dogs, including a family that had not one, not two, but three Golden Retrievers!

I may have been a little too excited when I met the Goldens, seeing as I have my own Golden Retriever at home — and Goldens are the best.

Golden Retrievers at Barnsley Resort
Scarlet, Rose, and Tucker (left to right) were the cutest Golden Retriever guests at Barnsley Resort!

If you like to find a home away from home for the holidays, then Barnsley is perfect for you.

They have an amazing All-American cookout during the Fourth of July, complete with a spectacular fireworks show.

During the Winter Holidays, they have a village lighting celebration the night before Thanksgiving, a turkey trot on the morning of Thanksgiving, and a delicious Thanksgiving buffet in the Georgian Hall.

The weekend of Thanksgiving has even more family fun, such as wreath making and gingerbread house making.

I’m going to do my best to convince my family to make Barnsley our new home for Thanksgiving every year.


I love being adventurous and trying new things when I travel, but I also love setting aside time to relax and reset.

Barnsley Resort is the perfect setting for relaxation. First, it’s already secluded from most of the outside world in the best way possible.

There are tons of stunning gardens, trees, and nature to walk through. Breathing in fresh air and walking through nature can be healing.

Peaceful Grounds of Barnsley Resort
Peaceful Grounds of Barnsley Resort

Just by walking through the resort, you can find hammocks to lay on or even stumble upon their meditation garden, as I did.

There’s something beautiful and peaceful around every corner. Perhaps the most peaceful part is the incredible spa — definitely one of my favorite places.

The spa is complete with a steam room and sauna to get you prepped for your treatment or to keep the relaxation going afterwards — I did a little of both.

Entrance to the spa at Barnsley Resort
Entrance to the spa at Barnsley Resort

I highly recommend getting the “Barnsley Tea-LC” body treatment.

This treatment highlights their partnership with Chai Box in the best way possible.

The Barnsley Tea-LC includes a sugar scrub followed by a firming tea-laced masque that smells and feels incredible.

I was so relaxed that I was actually falling asleep during the hot tea-towel foot massage and the tea-infused body butter left me feeling so soft and smelling amazing.

This was probably the most relaxed I’d felt in years.

Spa at Barnsley Resort
Spa at Barnsley Resort

Easy Escape

One great thing about Barnsley Resort is how easy it is to reach from virtually everywhere in the U.S. (and beyond)!

While at the resort, you feel secluded and far away from reality, but it’s an easy drive to two different airports.

Barnsley Resort is only an hour away from Atlanta and Chattanooga, the former being one of the most well-connected airports in the world.

I was amazed at how accessible it feels while also providing the perfect escape.

Atlanta Airport Interior

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a foodie eager to savor farm-to-table creations, a thrill-seeker ready to try new activities, or simply someone looking to unwind in a picturesque setting, Barnsley Resort has something to offer everyone!

So, if you’re ready to create unforgettable memories and experience true Southern hospitality, I would definitely consider making Barnsley Resort your next getaway.

Don’t miss the chance to explore this charming haven and see why it’s captured the hearts of so many travelers like myself.

SuperboxTravel was a guest of Barnsley Resort, who helped with the creation of this itinerary by hosting some of our accommodations and attractions. Our opinions, recommendations, and suggestions remain our own.

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