5 Reasons Why This Seaside City In Asia Is Perfect For Digital Nomads

With the swift rise of the prominence of K-culture, and especially K-pop, around the world in recent years, it’s no surprise that South Korea has become an enticing destination for travelers.

Whether you’re a fan of BTS and BLACKPINK, K-dramas, or mouthwatering Korean food, it’s easy to see why you would feel the pull of bustling Seoul or the natural wonders of Jeju Volcanic Island, which is one of many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in South Korea.

For digital nomads, the country has a lot to offer as well, and Busan, a city tucked away on the southern coast of South Korea, may just be one of the best places you can find.

Here are 5 reasons why Busan is the perfect location for digital nomads.

It’s Conveniently Located

The surrounding area of Busan offers a variety of things to see and do, including the picturesque Gamcheon Culture Village, Haedong Yonggung Temple, and Jagalchi Market, for all the fresh seafood you could eat.

Gamcheon Culture Village South Korea

While you can make seaside Busan your base, there’s no reason to miss out on experiencing the rest of the country while you’re working remotely in Busan.

Trains to and from Busan run regularly, and you can cover the 417 kilometers/259 miles between Seoul and Busan in under 3 hours on a high-speed train. Tickets cost as little as $35, and with 76 trains daily, it is an incredibly convenient trip.

Enjoy The Culture

As mentioned previously, Korean culture has taken the world by storm in the past few years, so what better way to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and flavors that you’ve come to love?

If you’ve been jamming out to any of the 300+ K-pop groups who are currently making music, the Busan One Asia Festival this October should probably be on your list.

k-pop concert korea

Of course, the festival will offer a chance to see your favorite idols live, but they will also host meet-and-greets and the opportunity for music lessons from professionals in the industry!

Not only will a trip to South Korea give you a chance to immerse yourself in the culture immortalized in K-dramas, but you can actually visit some of the places you may have seen on the big screen.

Busan has been the filming location for many popular K-dramas, including Squid Game.

korean food

By now, it’s pretty much understood that Korean food is synonymous with delicious. Bibimbap, bulgogi, Korean fried chicken–is your mouth watering yet?

Convenient Visas Are Coming Soon

While U.S. citizens can currently enter South Korea visa-free for 90 days as a tourist, the South Korean government is keen to attract more visitors in the near future, actually dubbing 2023 and 2024 as “Visit Korea” years.

south korea at night

To that end, the country is planning to launch two new visas to encourage travelers. Keep an eye out for the K-culture visa and the Workcation visa coming soon!

The K-culture Visa is expected in 2024 and will be aimed at those who want to immerse themselves in Korean content and culture and want to learn more about the country’s “content creation system,” as reported in Korea Times. This visa will allow people from around the world to actually train and work within the entertainment industry in South Korea.

The Workcation Visa is essentially a digital nomad visa for those who want to stay long-term, as it will allow visitors to stay for up to two years within the country. It is expected in the second half of 2023, so it could be any day now!

Access The Best Internet In The World

Throughout all of South Korea, you will find some of the fastest internet speeds in the world, and WiFi is freely available throughout major cities and in most cafes.

woman on laptop in cafe

And if you want the peace of mind of your own internet connection, “pocket WiFi” or “WiFi eggs” are common throughout South Korea.

These are small, rentable devices (you can pick them up at the airport) that provide personal connectivity for your devices.

If you opt to use public WiFi, most cafes provide free and fast internet, and it’s completely culturally acceptable to stay for hours at a time, provided you order a drink. If you need a little more privacy or structure, you can also find plenty of local and international coworking spaces.

Enjoy A Convenient, Affordable Lifestyle

While Busan may be more expensive than other countries in the region (if cost is an important factor for you, check out Thailand or Vietnam!), it’s definitely less expensive than Seoul by about 15% to 30%.

As with any location, prices will vary depending on what you choose to do, but you can expect to spend a couple of dollars on a latte and anywhere from a few dollars for dumplings from a street food vendor to $5 to $10 for a typical meal that’s not super fancy.

Korean street market

In addition to a lower cost of living, Busan also offers a variety of activities for every type of traveler.

Haeundae Beach, the longest beach in South Korea, is easily accessible within the city of Busan itself and is surrounded by a nearly endless diversity of food options, from a quick beach snack of french fries and beers to the infamous Eel Alley, where fresh seafood and casual restaurants serving traditional dishes abound.

Busan also has a variety of spas that include everything from hot springs to luxury experiences where you can enjoy soaking in water of different temperatures, massages, and skin treatments of all types.

Hiking trails to suit all preferences and ability levels surround Busan, making it easy to get out of the city for some exercise and stunning views.

hiking in busan

While the mouthwatering food and catchy K-pop beats may have drawn you to South Korea initially, the city of Busan has so much more to offer and would make the perfect hub for any digital nomad looking for a new destination.

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