We all know where the popular digital nomad spots are around the world – you’re probably tired of hearing about the likes of Medellin, Portimão, and Chiang Mai.

For those who crave somewhere a little different, there are plenty of hidden gem digital nomad destinations out there just waiting to be discovered – you just have to know where to look.

We’ve scoured the globe, pooling knowledge and experiences from our own team as well as utilizing the latest data from Nomad List to come up with a list of lesser-known digital nomad destinations that tick all the right boxes, including being affordable.

Maybe you’ve already been to some of them? Or maybe your next bucket list destination is about to be realized?

Galle, Sri Lanka

lighthouse surrounded by palm trees in galle fort sir lanka

Sri Lanka is hotly tipped to be one of 2024’s top trending destinations, and it’s little wonder why.

Galle is situated on the stunning south coast of this exotic island and is an intoxicating mix of modern city bustle alongside colonial history.

One of its main attractions is Galle Fort, a walled section of the city that was originally constructed by the Portuguese back in the 1700s that juts out into the Laccadive Sea.

Galle costs only around $1,200 per month to live in as a digital nomad and is known for its good safety record, high number of co-working spaces, and friendly attitude towards visitors.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

view of an illuminated pagoda bridge in siem reap cambodia at night

If you’ve never heard of Siem Reap, then perhaps you will have heard of Angkor Wat? The incredible ancient temple complex is right next to Siem Reap and is regarded as one of the most impressive wonders of the world.

Siem Reap is actually Cambodia’s second-largest city and has grown to become a thriving community of ex-pats and digital nomads who enjoy warm weather alongside a lifestyle that can cost as little as $1,200 a month according to Nomad List.

This city has a thriving restaurant scene where you can experience fine foods from all over the world, as well as bustling nightlife – the aptly named ‘Pub Street’ is one of the city’s main attractions for solo travelers looking to meet new friends.

One of the coolest places I found when I traveled here was Miss Wong Cocktail Bar – a stylish place to spend an evening and feel like you’re living in an Asian version of the Great Gatsby.

Azores, Portugal

Hiker in a red jacket at the caldera on São Miguel island in the Azores copy

Often referred to as the Hawaii of Europe, the Azores is an archipelago of 9 volcanic islands located in the Atlantic Ocean about 900 miles west of Portugal.

They are an autonomous region of Portugal, and as such they have a great digital nomad visa option as well as a relatively affordable lifestyle (though perhaps a touch more expensive than mainland Portugal).

Despite the remote location of these islands, you can get direct flights from the United States via Azores Airlines, and when there you will find luxury that is more affordable than many places it has a similar vibe to.

Tirana, Albania

young female traveler walking around tirana in albania on a sunny day

We’re calling Tirana a hidden gem for digital nomads, but trust us when we say it won’t stay that way for long!

The capital of Albania boasts a very affordable way of life, great weather, a stunning coastline not too far away, and a friendly culture.

One of the best things for Americans about Albania is that it is not part of the European Schengen Zone, meaning you can stay for longer than the usual 90 days allowed in that zone.

You could in fact stay in Albania for a full year without a visa, making it the perfect base camp to explore the surrounding countries.

Antalya, Turkey

beach in antalya turkey on a beautiful sunny day with paraglider flying overhead

Turkey is fast becoming one of the most popular global tourism destinations thanks to its wide range of fascinating destinations and amazing beaches.

Those amazing beaches are where you will find Antayla on Turkey’s turquoise coast – it boasts a ridiculous number of five-star resorts but doesn’t come with the high costs you would normally associate with such a place.

If you stay away from the premium accommodation, you can enjoy digital nomad life under the blazing Turkish sun for less than $1,200 per month according to Nomad List.

Merida, Mexico

Merida Mexico

Mexico is already well-known to many Americans as a place with plenty of affordable digital nomad spots to visit, and this colonial charmer in the Yucatan is up there among the best.

Merida is not necessarily an ‘unknown’ destination as its popularity has been growing consistently for many years now, helped further by the introduction of the Maya Train.

But it is somehow still slightly off the beaten path when it comes to digital nomad life, even though it benefits from being in one of the safest states in Mexico, has ideal weather for almost all of the year, and is pretty easy to get to by air.

The latest stats estimate you can live in Merida as a digital nomad for less than $1,800 a month, which is pretty good considering how close it is to super-popular tourist destinations like Cancun and Tulum.

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