6 Reasons Why You Should Explore This European Country By Train This Summer 

This summer is going to be a huge year for travel in Europe and for train travel as well.

With an increased focus on shifting towards rail travel, some countries are offering enticing incentives for tourists to come and visit and explore their county by rail.

With popular destinations such as Spain and Germany offering train passes at a great deal, it’s not surprising to see more European countries follow suit. Enter the Czech Republic CZ train pass, offering tourists the chance to explore this beautiful country on one single ticket.

First things first, after going by both The Czech Republic and Czechia interchangeably since 2016, the county now wants to be referred to as Czechia in most situations. While The Czech Republic is still to be used in terms of government business, Czechia should be used in all other capacities.

So, read on to find out why you should explore the beautiful Central European country of Czechia by train this summer:

Medieval stone arch bridge over Vltava river in Prague. The national flag of the Czech Republic copy

Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Should Explore The Czech Republic By Train This Summer:

1. Train Pass

Czechia is no stranger to tourists, and the summer months are peak season. You are most likely to run into crowds in the more popular places, such as the super popular capital city of Prague, which sees around 8 million visitors a year.

That being said, this year is a great time to get out into the beautiful Czech countryside and explore with their new rail pass, offering a great deal on some fantastic journeys.

Ok, now for the fine print, the pass will be available for purchase after June 15th and is valid for travel between July 1st and August 31st. A seven-day pass will cost around 60 Euros, and for fourteen days of train travel, it will only set you back around 85 euros. This great deal allows pass holders nearly unlimited travel on CD trains within the specified term period.

Railway viaduct Novina in Krystofovo udoli, Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic

2. New Panoramic Trains

If you are one of those who plan to take advantage of this new discounted train pass, make sure to include the county’s new panoramic train as part of your journey.

Czech Railways has purchased this train from Swiss Federal Railways, and the wide windows surrounding the cars help you to see all the stunning nature you can take in along the Czech countryside, making the journey as fun as the destination.

Passenger train observation car offers a wide expanse of glass for scenic viewing.

3. Discounted Tickets

In addition to the train pass, the Czech authorities have designated many discounts for music festivals and other special offers in an attempt to draw in as many tourists as possible this summer. Czech Railways customers will have special access to attractions and historic landmarks, with discounts available.

While it’s not likely to be included in discount prices, remember that visitors in June can enjoy Prague’s take on Edinburgh’s famous Fringe Festival, where the capital hosts dance, comedy, and theatre performances all over the city.

Prague Main Train Station, Hlavni nadrazi, Prague, Czech Republic

4. 300th anniversary of Jan Blažej

This year makes 300 years since the death of Czechia’s most famous architect, Jan Blažej. In honor of this anniversary, the country will open up many private chateaus to visitors, especially interesting since these properties have long been privately owned by their original aristocratic families.

In addition to this opportunity to peek into some stunning private residences, there will be state-owned sites and other popular cultural and architectural sites to visit as well.

Top view of the church St. John of Nepomuk. Zdar nad Sazavou. Czechi

5. Safety and Peace Of Mind

Czechia continuously ranks high on lists of the safest countries in Europe, with Prague also getting a mention in many of the safest cities reports.

If the country’s biggest city ranks highly in regards to safety with solo female travelers, then the rest of the country also can be considered to be safe as well. Of course, on a visit to Czechia, one should follow normal safety precautions as they would anywhere.

With the capital city of Prague having just been rated a great place for a digital detox, the city’s low traffic will help you keep your peace of mind and keep stress low while visiting.


6. Cost

It’s been called the cheapest country to visit in Central Europe, and with neighbors such as Austria and Germany, you can see why. Despite its stunted economic history as a Soviet country, Czechia is thriving now and can still be considered a budget European destination.

Even the beloved Prague, one of the world’s most visited cities, can be considered a cheaper option than its other European counterparts. Despite rising costs, Czechia is still known to be one of the more affordable European countries to explore in the park summer months.

A tram winds through the streets of Prague

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