6 Underrated Destinations In Italy Where You Can Avoid Crowds This Summer

Italy is a bucket list destination for many travelers, but it is notoriously crowded and over-touristed during the peak summer months.

Since Italy is expecting its busiest summer on record, various measures have been put into place, including tourist caps on popular beaches in Sardinia and a fine of €270 ($288 USD) for taking selfies at a popular spot in Portofino.

Rather than visiting the most popular, crowded destinations in Italy this summer, here are six underrated spots to consider instead:

1. Ischia, Italy

Forget the Amalfi Coast and the islands of Capri or Procida this summer. The island of Ischia is much larger, making it less crowded and more affordable than its more popular counterparts.

While Ischia is a well-known summer getaway for Italians, it hasn’t caught on with international tourists as much yet.

This island is about an hour from Naples by ferry, and its highlights include Castello Aragonese, an ancient castle on a small island, numerous thermal spas, and great beaches.

Castello Aragonese in Ischia, Italy

2. Umbria, Italy

The region of Umbria is a great alternative to Tuscany if you’re looking for a taste of the Italian countryside this summer.

Although it’s located next to Tuscany, Umbria is less touristed due to having fewer trains and highways. This central region of Italy is known for its beautiful medieval hill towns and local cuisine, especially truffles and wine.

Don’t miss Perugia, the charming regional capital of Umbria.

Perugia Italy

3. Treviso, Italy

Venice is one of the most iconic destinations in Italy. With 117 small islands, 177 canals, and 391 bridges, it’s a city truly like no other.

However, Venice has also suffered from some of the worst over-tourism in Italy, and summer can be a hot, crowded, and unpleasant time to visit.

Instead, consider Treviso. Located in the Veneto region of Italy less than 40 minutes from Venice by train, this historic city also features beautiful architecture and numerous canals, without all the crowds.

Canals in Treviso Italy

4. Bergamo, Italy

Another underrated Italian destination to add to your travel bucket list is Bergamo. Located northeast of Milan in the Lombardy region, Bergamo is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Italy.

However, this city is highly underrated and remains off the radar for many tourists in Italy.

While in Bergamo, you can’t miss Città Alta, the historic upper city encircled by ancient walls and accessible by a funicular.

Bergamo Italy

5. Lake Orta, Italy

Northern Italy has a number of famous lakes, including Lake Como, a glamorous playground for the rich and famous, and Lake Garda, a popular summer holiday destination.

But smaller Lake Orta, located northwest of Milan, is one destination that doesn’t receive as much acclaim. It’s tucked away next to the much larger Lake Maggiore, but Lake Orta is a hidden gem that shouldn’t be missed.

It’s one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, surrounded by charming and picturesque towns. You especially can’t miss Isola San Giulio, a tiny and beautiful island in the center of the lake.

Lake Orta Italy

6. Bologna, Italy

Finally, Bologna is a great city in Italy to visit for lower crowds and a more authentic experience. The capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, Bologna, is known for being a foodie’s paradise.

Widely considered to be one of the best culinary cities in Italy, Bologna is a top destination for pasta dishes, meats, and cheeses.

It’s also a very lively city thanks to its large student population, and it’s not lacking in history or charm either. Bologna is less than 40 minutes from Florence by train, making it a great day trip (or a place to stay for longer if you’re looking for a less touristed base.)

Bologna Italy city

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