Warm, sunny weather, sparkling azure seas, picturesque hillside towns with great food and culture – these are just a few of the things most of us picture when we imagine the perfect summer trip.

There are plenty of places where you can have these things, but one in particular stands out as the perfect summer destination…

The Amalfi Coast in Italy was recently voted the best summer vacation spot in the world by U.S. News & World Report, and to be honest, we are hard-pushed to disagree.

Here’s why Amalfi has it all for summer wanderlusters:

A Glitzy Summer Dreamland

view of pretty colored buildings on the hill at positano on the amalfi coast in italy

Gleaming white buildings with typical Mediterranean red rooves and ornate church spires smattered along lush green hills – this and much more is what you’ll find along the Amalfi Coast.

It’s a star-studded place that’s ideal for a road trip, a boating holiday, or simply a trip for those who enjoy the finer things in life, with luxury hotels and restaurants at every turn.

The area is famous for the sfusato lemon, ancient cathedrals, and some of the best beaches in Italy.

Flying To Amalfi Will Be Easier Thanks To A New Airport

Airport in Amalfi Coast

Getting to this picture-perfect pocket of Italy will soon be easier than ever before after it was announced the region is opening a new airport.

The Salerno Costa d’Amalfi Airport, which is situated about 13 miles southeast of Salerno, has almost finished a pretty big renovation project and will be opening for commercial flights this July, if all goes to plan.

However, the old way is still a great way – and by that I mean flying to Naples and taking in the sights and sounds of that historic city and the achingly beautiful Mount Vesuvius on your way to Amalfi.

Adding Amalfi Into A Longer Trip Is Easy

a Frecciarossa high speed train moving through the countryside in italy

One of the best things about Italy for travelers is the country’s efficient and relatively affordable high-speed train network called the Frecciabianca.

These trains connect the cities of Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome, and Naples with the Amalfi town of Salerno. And they do it in a hurry, with top speeds of over 220 miles per hour!

To give you an example of how great these trains are, a one-way ticket from Rome to Salerno can cost as little as $26 and take just 90 minutes nonstop.

Italy Is A Dream Destination

a beautiful deck in ravello village on the amalfi coast looking out to sea

There are many reasons why Italy will always be a hugely popular destination for American travelers – it has a little bit of everything to please everyone.

From its ancient history to its stimulating culture, Italy manages to get under the skin of almost all who visit there.

Travelers visited in record numbers last year, and we expect that trend to continue well into 2024.

Hiking And Outdoors

view down to sea from the path of the gods hike in amalfi italy

While you might imagine that the Amalfi Coast is a place to kick back, relax, and enjoy a slower pace of life (it definitely is all of that), the area also has something for those who prefer to be more active.

This coastline is rich in walking routes, many of which offer spectacular views down the steep cliffs to the shimmering ocean below.

One of the most famous is the ‘Path of the Gods’ which is a trek from Nocelle to Bomerano that’s just short of four miles and surely one of the most beautiful in this part of Italy.

A Paradise For Water Lovers

sunbeds and beautiful turquiose water at positano beach in amalfi italy

This stretch of paradise is best enjoyed from the water – whether that’s on a day trip, a boat trip, a chartered cruise, or even a kayak.

The Amalfi Coast has some of the best water-based activities on Earth, including the chance to partake in some coastal swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

Luxury For Less (Sometimes)

view of coloful houses on the hill along the amalfi coast in italy

There’s no escaping the fact that the Amalfi Coast is an extremely popular and, consequently, quite expensive area to visit.

That said, it is possible to keep the costs from spiraling out of control if you are smart and savvy with your spending.

One of the best things you can do is book early – you can grab a hotel room for a reasonable enough price in the summer if you book it well in advance (it’s best to avoid Airbnb, as these get a bit silly in terms of price).

You can also save a decent amount by skipping the rental car and using the affordable buses in the area, many of which also serve Naples.

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