While 2024 has certainly brought on some new travel trends, the allure of a tropical getaway in Latin America remains as strong as ever, and one country, in particular, just keeps reaching new heights of popularity.

After announcing a brand new tourism record at the start of the year, Costa Rica is still seeing an incredible influx of U.S. travelers.

Flight bookings for the Central American country this spring are up 29% from the same time last year, and short-term rental bookings have increased even more – 99.7%, to be exact.

So, why are we so eager to experience Costa Rica this new travel season?

There’s A Lot Happening In Costa Rica Right Now

hot springs in costa rica

While there’s no denying the natural and cultural charm of Costa Rica, beautiful places in Central America are dime a dozen, and if you were to travel for sightseeing alone, you’d probably be happy and done after a single visit.

However, visitors keep coming back again and again to Costa Rica.


Because there’s always something new and exciting to experience.

Take this spring, for example.

Late March and early April will be filled with processions and festivities celebrating Holy Week, which is now just a couple of days away.

On April 11th, the country’s national hero, Juan Santamaría, is celebrated with concerts, parades, and dances – none of which are to be missed if you happen to visit Costa Rica during this time.

For more info on smaller events, you can attend these upcoming months, head over here or here.

The Holiday Peak Is Officially Over

busy street in san juan, costa rica

While spring is obviously one of the best times to visit Costa Rica, it’s far from the most popular, with winter (especially December and January) being the busiest time for tourists in the country.

Luckily, the holiday craze is officially over and the dreaded summer surge has yet to start, which is why people are taking advantage of the fact that the country’s most popular attractions have become far quieter and easier to navigate.

Your U.S. Dollar Just Got A Bit Stronger

A Man Wearing A Green Hoodie As He Puts Dollars Away In His Wallet

The Costa Rican Colon has strengthened quite a bit this past year, and the country itself is famously one of the (if not the) most expensive destinations in Central America, so this is a pretty important update for travelers.

After a significant drop, the U.S. dollar has been slowly but steadily gaining some ground these last couple of weeks.

Now, exchange rates are unpredictable, and it’s hard to say whether this trend will continue as time goes on, but the reality remains that, as we speak, our currency is getting stronger.

You’ll Find Some Amazing Hotel Deals

Aerial view of western Costa Rica resorts in Tamarindo area

While there’s no saying how much money you’ll be able to save with these shifts in exchange rates, it’s easy to see just how much cheaper accommodation has gotten during the spring months.

These are some of the best deals going on at the moment depending on your budget:

  • Hotel Javy, one of the best affordable stays in Liberia (the Costa Rican city, not the West African country), is currently charging $42 for a room, which is 34% less than usual.
  • Occidental Tamarindo is pricing its rooms at $214, marking a 25% discount.
  • JW Marriott Guanacaste Resort & Spa, which is usually a $1000-a-night establishment, has lowered its rates to $707.

The Weather Is At Its Best

Wild caribbean beach of Manzanillo at Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

There’s really no beating that Costa Rican spring weather.

With the dry season in full swing and temperatures that range between the mid-60s and mid-80s Fahrenheit (18-29°C), you’re guaranteed a good time no matter whether you’re planning to trek, zip-line, or just lounge around on a sun-soaked beach.

April Is The Cheapest Time Of The Year To Fly To Costa Rica

Passengers on a plane

Another reason why so many Americans are jumping at the opportunity to visit Costa Rica right now is that airfare is quickly approaching its annual low.

According to Skyscanner, round-trip tickets from the U.S. to the Central American hub will start at $138 this April, marking the lowest rates of the year.

If you can’t make it to Costa Rica this next month, May is a great second option, with airfare starting at $141.

Exciting New Places Opening (Or Just Opened) This Year

A Female In An Infinity Pool In A Rainforest In Costa Rica, Central America, Latin America

A destination’s ability to stand the test of time is inherently linked with its ability to keep travelers on their toes – and that’s exactly what Costa Rica does.

There’s always something new and exciting opening up in one of its many hubs so that even those who’ve already explored the country before will have something else to look forward to the next time around.

Our Habitas Santa Teresa, the newest, trendiest resort is set to open its doors anytime now, while Crudo Izakaya Latino by chef Pablo Bonilla is already being touted as the restaurant of the moment.

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