7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Montenegro Instead of Greece this Summer

When you think of a summer destination, you may think of island hopping around Greece and its clear waters. European summers are becoming a trend with travelers each year, boosting prices substantially. With hoards of tourists flocking to the Greek Isles, lesser-known destinations are a treasure.

With its impeccable views, friendly locals, and crystal-clear waters, the Adriatic Coast is a stunning alternative: at half the price. Located in the West-Central Balkans, Montenegro offers medieval sites, coastal villages, and glacial lakes.

Here are 7 reasons you should visit Montenegro instead of Greece this summer:

Cheap prices

Still relatively unexplored, Montenegro remains one of Europe’s cheaper countries. It’s easy to explore the vast majority of the country on a budget while still enjoying nice accommodations and delicious food.

Admission fees, day trips, and transportation are also pretty budget-friendly in Montenegro. It’s quite easy to do as much as possible without breaking the bank. Of course, always ask the locals for the best transitional spots (which tend to be even cheaper- if that’s possible).

One money-saving tip: do as the locals do. With an array of farmers’ markets throughout the country, stock up on freshly-grown produce and snacks before venturing off for the day. The popular Kotor market is open daily from 9am-5pm with local farmers ready to sell.

View Of Kotor Bay In Kotor, Montenegro, From The Fortress, Southeastern Europe

Solo friendly

A safe country to explore, Montenegro is a solo traveler’s paradise. With local buses and easy roads to navigate driving-wise, you can explore the small villages and hidden gems alone without worrying about safety concerns.

Of course, it’s always important to be vigilant and mindful of your surroundings, but you shouldn’t feel vulnerable being alone in Montenegro. While exploring popular destinations, it’s very common to bump into fellow solo travelers dining alone or adventuring around too.

Girl Enjoys View In Montenegro, Southeastern Europe

Sociable locals

If you’ve ever traveled somewhere where the locals go above and beyond to be helpful, then you’ll understand Montengrins. Known for their friendliness, the locals enjoy providing recommendations and tips to visitors.

If you wander around Montenegro long enough, you’ll notice the locals have somewhat of a calming and amiable effect. Easygoing and relaxed, there’s no rushing guests out of restaurants or ushering them for the check: which is often a rarity in the States.

Aerial View Of Modern Apartment Blocks In Podgorica, Capital City Of Montenegro, Balkan Peninsula, South Eastern Europe

Convenient location

While there’s certainly enough to do in Montenegro itself, it’s also a convenient location to book a few day trips and visit surrounding countries while you’re in the neighborhood.

Bordering Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia: if you have enough time, why not do a little more adventuring? Kotor to Dubrovnik is a popular route for travelers, with bus routes under 3 hours. Due to its central location along the coast, Montenegro is a backpackers’ haven and travel hub.

If you’re in the mood for a quick flight, leaving from Montenegro is surprisingly cheap to visit most locations around Europe. In just under 2 hours, you can jet off to Italy or Malta for a night.

Kotor Montenegro

Varied cuisine

The food in the Balkans is a mixed basket, to say the least: there truly is something for everyone. While the cuts of meat can become a little too overbearing at times, the variation of cuisines is remarkable. Surrounded by fresh waters, Montenegro is also known for its seafood.

Going back to the budget-friendliness of the country, ordering a little bit of everything is pretty typical here. In fact, locals will typically suggest trying small portions of different dishes for the table. Cheese, lamb in milk, and seafood galore: why not sample it all?

view of monenegro bay

Rugged adventures

Hiking, canyoning, ziplining: if you’re in the mood for a little adventure, then Montenegro is the place for you. Cascading falls and rapids, the Tara River is an adventure junkies’ playground. Awarded one of the deepest gorges in Europe, those brave enough can zipline across the gorge across 1,050m.

Wade through the narrow gorges of the Nevidio Canyon, just below the Durmitor National Park and Tara River. With its dramatic scenery, this is another bucket list adventure for the adventurous.

Cobblestone street in Kotor Montenegro

Kotor Bay

While there’s no shortage of beautiful villages across Montenegro, the Bay of Kotor is a popular destination known as the jewel of the country. Extremely safe for all travelers, the town of Kotor is a walled fortress with cobblestone streets filled with delicious gastronomy and historical sights.

Embedded into the mountainside with views of the water, Kotor provides a welcoming atmosphere to all who enter its walls. Colorful streets, quaint bars, and unbeatable views: there’s something to be said about visiting a destination this beautiful, with reasonable prices for all.

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