Back in the good old days, Airbnb was a cheap way to travel without having to fork out a fortune on pricey hotels.

But now Airbnb’s are more expensive than hotels in many cases!

That doesn’t mean that Airbnb is bad: if you want to stay in a hobbit house, an iconic museum, or a luxury apartment in the middle of the city then it’s often a great choice.

It just means you need to be mindful of your budget when booking.

A new report from Deluxe Holiday Homes has found that Airbnb’s are more expensive than hotels in these 7 European cities:


Old Town Square, Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is by far the cheapest city in Europe to book a hotel when compared to Airbnb prices.

You can expect to pay an average price of $46 for a hotel room with breakfast in the city.

Meanwhile, the combined price of an Airbnb room rental and breakfast in Warsaw would set you back $76 on average.

This means you’d pay 65% more if you choose Airbnb over a hotel here.

Warsaw is a notoriously affordable city as well as a culturally rich one.

When I visited earlier this year I paid less than $10 for a large pizza and around $6 for a meal of dumplings.

A ticket to the observation deck at the Palace of Culture and Science, which is the best place to get a full view of the city as well as a pretty interesting building, costs $6.


the statue of Mihai the brave, Bucharest, Romania

The difference between a hotel room and an Airbnb room and breakfast in Bucharest is just as stark as in Warsaw.

You can expect to spend $48 for a hotel room including breakfast while an Airbnb room and breakfast will set you back $57.

As these prices show, generally speaking, Bucharest isn’t an expensive city.

You can expect to pay 50 cents for a journey on public transport and just over $1 for a cup of coffee.

Visiting Bran Castle will cost you $9.50 and exploring the National Museum of Art is around $5 a ticket.


Central Market Hall in Budapest city, Hungary, Europe

If you’re traveling to Budapest and want to save a few bucks then you should book a hotel instead of an Airbnb.

You can expect to pay an average of $63 for a hotel room including breakfast, while an Airbnb room with breakfast will cost $72 on average.

Wondering how much you should budget for a stay in Budapest?

It is considered an affordable vacation destination and budget travelers can explore the city for as little as $40-50 per day.


prague view

Airbnbs in Prague are eyewateringly expensive.

According to the study you can expect to pay an average of $148.50 for a room and breakfast for a single night via Airbnb.

By contrast the average price of a hotel room in the city, including breakfast, is just $63.

Prague has a long-held reputation as a budget getaway destination but prices are a little higher than they used to be.

When I first visited more than a decade ago, it was possible to have a whole night out for less than $10!

Now it’s still an affordable city with a pint of beer costing $3 and a casual meal costing around $7 per person.


View of building in Sweden in Stortorget square in Old Town (Gamla Stan) in Stockholm

Stockholm has a reputation for being an expensive city to visit, so budget travelers will want to get the best value possible from their accommodation.

If this applies to you then choose a hotel, but the prices of both options are fairly comparable. A hotel room with breakfast will cost $77 while an Airbnb room and breakfast will cost $78.

Every penny helps for budget travelers in Stockholm as you can expect to spend around $8 for a pint of beer and $25 per person for an evening meal in the city.


fiacre hofburg vienna

Want to stay in a hotel in Vienna? You’ll pay an average of $90 a night for a room and breakfast. For an Airbnb room and breakfast, that price leaps up to $160.85 per night.

In terms of prices, Vienna is considered mid-range when compared to other Western European cities.

Expect to pay around $5 for a pint of beer and $65 for lunch or dinner for 2, on average. Although it is possible to find cheaper options if you’re on a budget.

In terms of entertainment, 6 of the best museums in Vienna can be visited completely free of charge.


Woman sitting next to Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy.

When in Rome, book a hotel!

You’ll pay an average of $99 for a hotel room with breakfast included. But an Airbnb and breakfast would set you back $122.91.

Everyone wants to visit Rome, which goes some way to explaining why Rome is one of the most expensive tourist cities in southern Europe.

So it’s worth saving money on your accommodation to free up cash for other elements of your trip.

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