All Inclusive Resorts Have Changed - Here's Why They Are So Popular This Year

We’ve been having stressful times and enough unexpected global events in the past few years, so now travelers want to truly relax during their vacations.

All-inclusive resorts have been offering one of the best solutions for a stress-free and joyful break.

However, the all-inclusive experience has changed.

All-inclusive resorts are not what they used to be, and they have been expanding significantly in the past few years.

There are many reasons why travelers are preferring all-inclusive experiences in 2023, and we have been observing new and exclusive services that are redefining what all-inclusive resorts are all about.

Here’s what travelers should know:

The All-Inclusive Experience Changed

There used to be this popular concept that all-inclusive resorts had insipid food, lower-tier liquor, and guests who just wanted to spend all day at the pool or the beach. Not anymore.

Travelers choosing food from buffet

Now that more brands have expanded their services, there are more innovative experiences and a wide variety of alternatives.

From affordable options for less than $150 in the Dominican Republic to luxurious safari experiences for $1450 per night to luxury tents in the jungle for $4,000 per night.

Options and prices seem infinite. And this phenomenon is happening across the globe in Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, and more.

Woman admiring elephant from vehicle in safari

Non-Traditional Experiences And More Luxury

Many hotels are now offering travelers wellness experiences, spa treatments, workouts in nature activities, excursions, and connections with local communities that weren’t included or popular before.

Now the most famous all-inclusive brands have added more luxury, like private swim-out pools and butlers, and are anticipating travelers’ needs beyond good food and a fast internet connection.

Fine dining food being served

There are a la carte menus and fine dining experiences in restaurants led by world-known chefs, personalized concierge services, picnics in the jungle, and free bikes to explore the surroundings.

Brands Expanded Significantly

Big hotel chains are responsible for the changes in the all-inclusive experiences. The number of new properties for all-inclusive services has massively expanded in the past few years.

According to a new report shared by The Points Guy, Hyatt Hotels Corporation had less than 10 all-inclusive resorts in 2019, and they now have over 120 in 2023. That’s huge!

room at hotel

And we have reported the impressive new all-inclusive properties. Just a few months ago, Hyatt opened a new all-inclusive in Punta Cana, one in St.Lucia and another one in Mexico.

Also, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Marriott, Hilton, Riu, Meliá, and other popular hotel chains have opened brand-new all-inclusive resorts recently.

Resorts in Jamaica

Taking Over Beach Destinations

The best places to find amazing options for all-inclusive resorts are beach destinations.

Cities like Cancun and Punta Cana have impressive all-inclusive offers. And they keep expanding.

In the Mexican Caribbean, it’s not only Cancun that has astonishing properties, but these types of accommodations are also expanding across the Riviera Maya to Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

Tulum Beach

Now impressive properties have also taken over the Dominican Republic at destinations like Cap Cana, Samaná, and Puerto Plata.

The Mediterranean coast has also added new all-inclusive properties, especially in Spain, Italy, Greece, and Türkiye.

Travelers Are Opting For All-Inclusive Resorts

One of the great advantages of all-inclusive resorts is that travelers can know exactly how much they will spend on their vacation and don’t have to adjust their budget or constantly estimate expenses.

Many prefer to avoid the annoying hidden fees and like to know exactly what’s included and what they can freely enjoy.

Woman sitting next to pool at luxury resort

Guests are willing to pre-pay more and add luxury to their vacation experience when they think it is worth the price and will include the kind of adventures or journeys they are looking for without any budget surprises.

Digital nomads are also opting for this type of accommodation since it’s a way to guarantee that they will have all the comforts they need for their workcation.

Travelers are now all about the simplicity, easy planning, and great all-inclusive options of their next vacation.

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