As we find ourselves in the midst of spring, that doesn’t mean we can’t get a head start on summer plans.

Both seasons tend to be the most popular times to travel to many of the world’s top destinations. But, the top destinations tend to change year to year.

One of America’s favorite airlines is sharing its own data revealing where travelers are most interested in visiting between May and August this year.

Some are what you’d expect, and some are surprising, but one thing is for sure – travelers are ready to put their passports to good use all across the globe.

These are the 7 most popular international destinations this summer, according to Delta:

7) Tokyo

People walking in the historic district of Akihabara in Tokyo

Tokyo isn’t just appealing in Cherry Blossom season, it will be booming in the summertime too. An endless urban playground to indulge in food, cultural sites, and even off-the-wall experiences, travelers never have a dull moment in this iconic Japanese city.

But…Tokyo has become so popular, Japan is encouraging tourists to explore other sides of this fascinating country.

Delta may fly 500 mph through the clouds, but that’s still not as exhilarating as Japan’s bullet trains, making for the perfect opportunity to take the newest train route to the lesser-known city of Fukui.

6) Amsterdam

Amsterdam canal

Amsterdam may be the most surprising destination revealed by Delta since the popular Dutch city has flat-out said they don’t want you to visit.

Sure, there are some caveats, but with the city acting like a Karen, it’s off-putting to say the least. Not known as the cheapest place anyway, there are plenty of other similar cities teeming with picturesque canals that may be a better option to avoid disappointment.

In fact, one is a spitting image of Amsterdam, under an hour away and a lot more welcoming.

5) Cancun

Resorts on beach in Cancun

It’s a given any season that travelers have their eyes sight on Cancun, but 2024 may be a bit different.

The question remains unanswered: Are travelers still using Cancun as a gateway or as their mainstay?

With their trendy neighbor Tulum opening their own airport with nonstop flights from the U.S., it’s not necessary any longer to make the trek from Cancun, unless you’re just into beach-hopping.

And if that’s the case, there may be no better place than this region of Mexico!

4) Athens

Crowds at Parthenon in Athens

Amsterdam is not alone in Europe in the anti-social club. Add Athens into the mix and both cities are saying “Enough!” with tourists flocking to their cities.

Greece’s most popular city has had to lay down some new ground rules before ultimately deciding they are past their tourist threshold.

With protests occurring throughout the city to voice their opinion on over-tourism, that in itself is a deterrent making Thessaloniki all the more enticing despite travelers’ strong interest in Athens.

3) Rome

Woman with glass of wine observing view in Rome

Italy is having a moment right now, so it’s no surprise travelers are already making summer travel plans. Rome, of course, tops the cake…or shall we say tiramisu?

This world-renowned historical city may be old, but it never gets old. Despite how it may seem stuck in time, there are new ways to experience this city, such as the Colosseum Underground Tour and RomeCabs.

What travelers may find most surprising is how affordable airfare can be to this iconic city. Although, it probably won’t be with Delta.

Shhh! Don’t tell them!

2) Paris

Rue Cremieux Street in Paris

While there have been some shockers on this list, Paris may be the most obvious. As host to the – you guess it – Summer Olympics, it’s no surprise why many travelers are flocking here this time of year.

That being said, as the host to such a global event, it’s all but guaranteed to be a different vibe this year, where authenticity will surely step aside and be replaced by all the shenanigans that come with the territory.

So if that’s a turn-off, perhaps pay a visit to the opposite side of Europe to a city known as the ‘Paris of the Baltics‘.

1) London

Night view of Big Ben in London

Despite being one of Europe’s least budget-friendly cities, travelers are handing over their AMEX anyway.

Too good to pass up, London never fails for a good time and even more so during peak season, which tends to be June to September.

Despite having a reputation of gray skies and grueling weather, that’s not always the case. Summertime is great for exploring all the iconic sites from Buckingham Palace to St. Paul’s Cathedral, and there are so many upscale hotels to choose from to level up your stay.

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