Those late to the party may not realize Istanbul is now the most visited city in the world, taking the title away from Paris.

Although, with the Olympics being held there this summer, time will tell if Istanbul takes a backseat again.

Regardless, Istanbul is becoming a lot easier to reach for Americans as Denver is the latest city to announce new nonstop flights to this incredible far-flung destination.

As many of America’s most popular cities offer direct flights to Turkiye’s crown jewel, this will be the first time ever from the Mile High City.

All The Deets

Denver (DEN) is one of America’s most centrally located airports, which obviously makes it super convenient for travelers looking to connect to other major destinations both domestic and international.

Turkish Airlines planes at Istanbul airport

In this case, a flight to Istanbul couldn’t possibly be much more international, as you better come prepared to lounge in the clouds for hours on end during your 6,130-mile journey.

Before this exciting announcement, Denver to Tokyo was the airport’s longest flight, but Istanbul will also take the crown in this category as it’s 400 miles longer.

That being said, here is what travelers really need to know in order to book this epic trip:

  • Flights operated by world-renowned Turkish Airlines on board an Airbus A350-900
  • 3 weekly flights beginning June 11, 2024 (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
  • An additional flight to be offered on Sunday beginning July 9, 2024
Row of parked Turkish Airlines planes

Of course, we have all experienced delayed flights and various airport frustrations, but travelers should plan for flights to take off from DEN at 7:35 p.m. and arrive in Istanbul at 4:15 p.m. the following day.

Conversely, returning flights from Istanbul are scheduled to take off at 1:55 p.m. and arrive in Denver at 5:40 p.m.

Gotta love time zones! Tickets for this summer launch are already on sale on Turkish Airline’s official website.

You’re In Good Hands

Aerial night view of Istanbul from Turkish Airlines

Many U.S. travelers are fierce loyalists to their airline of choice, whether it’s no-frills budget carriers or more popular airlines worth the splurge with wifi, refreshments, and tvs.

There does seem to be some hesitation in flying with other airlines from foreign countries, but what should be known off the bat is not just any airline can fly in America’s skies.

Turkish Airlines is one of the least you should be worried about as it’s world renowned for its service, comfort, and safety.

Travelers have many options to book with them as Denver will be the 14th U.S. city served by the airline this summer.

Interior of Hagia Sofia Grande Mosque

Travelers shouldn’t hesitate taking to the skies aboard Turkish no matter the starting point.

For what it’s worth, AirlineRatings gives them a perfect 7/7 score for both ‘Product Rating’ and ‘Safety Rating’.

Why Visit Istanbul?

Telling someone why they should visit the most visited city in the world is a tall task, but there have to be some pretty amazing reasons, right?

Istanbul is fascinating given its geography as the only city in the world to be split between Asia and Europe, which is actually a small sample size as the entire city is a cultural powerhouse.

Colorful homes of Balat district in Istanbul

The city offers stunning waterfront views no matter which continent you’re on and is a mix of old and new with winding stone streets and new high-rise hotels and rooftop bars.

Longtime traditions still hold true today where you can experience some of the most immaculate mosques on Earth, but unfortunately you will have to pay a fee to visit the popular Hagia Sophia now.

On the bright side, it’s a near-even trade-off since U.S. travelers are no longer required to obtain a visa and fork over $20.

Istanbul can be very affordable if you play your cards right and can withstand giving in to temptation with all the mouthwatering food and endless shopping at bazaars you’ll encounter.

Bazaar in Istanbul

Given how Turkiye’s currency (lira) has been riding the struggle bus, travelers have been able to get more bang for their buck, making the long journey here all the more enticing for savings across the board.

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