FutureLog’s procure-to-pay solution enables hotels to focus on what they do best

Dramatically reduce the amount of administrative work needed in your hotel and focus on what you do best. FutureLog offers a streamlined ordering process, an easy-to-use in-house ordering system and automated e-invoice management that give hotels greater control, transparency and accuracy.

When some critical tasks are automated, hotels can reduce the amount of time they spend on manual tasks and instead focus on their guests and the guest experience. Automation will be a huge help to some hotels that currently facing staffing challenges.

FutureLog offers the following solutions to hotels helping them automate even the menial yet important tasks:


Bid goodbye to pen & paper, e-procurement is here! FutureLog’s fully integrated, cloud-based procure-to-pay platform for the hospitality industry puts hotels in control.

Whether it’s managing their content (suppliers, assortments & prices) or monitoring the approval processes across the organisation, the FutureLog P2P platform will facilitate a smooth, seamless & connected journey to save hotels time and money. Customers can place orders quickly and easily, retrieve previous orders for future use, check price comparisons and manage all their transactions centrally with full content control.


No need for a paper-based invoice, digital invoice processing offers an array of benefits for hotels. Automated e-invoice management gives hotels greater control, transparency and accuracy. No more lost invoices and past invoices can be pulled out in no time.

Digitising this crucial part is a must nowadays. From issuing to approving, invoices are handled in one central location. OCR reporting automation, CAPEX handling, contract management and a digital invoice archive are also available. All of these can be done via smartphone through FutureLog’s mobile app offering secured and easy access to hotels’ procurement managers.

Inventory Management

Get an alert when stock is dwindling to avoid stress-inducing shortages. FutureLog WebShop is a one-stop shop for accommodation companies to gain a reliable and real-time overview of their stocks.

FutureLog also provides a real-time overview of stock on hand, with automated costing, menu engineering, barcode scanning technology, and POS integration for stock decrementing. Weight and temperature measurements can be recorded during the Goods Receiving process, with Bluetooth connectivity to external devices. Inventory taking is paperless and efficient.

The WebShop also accepts shopping lists for specific recipes – and taking current stocks into account, it adjusts the order volumes accordingly with accurate costing automation. In-house ordering is simple and local suppliers can be added easily.

Reporting/Business Intelligence

A new feature being added to the procure-to-pay platform this year is a Business Intelligence module. This new functionality will enable users to generate customisable reports and real-time insights for all their FutureLog data.

Recipe Management

FutureLog offers a recipe management system perfect for restaurants and hotels with in-house food & beverage outlets. The system provides real-time menu engineering that can be completed in just a few clicks and nutritional and allergen information can be easily added to the recipes.

The “best price” item notifications mean that buyers never miss a cost-saving opportunity. A detailed reporting suite analyses the input data and identifies the trends that can play a part in the decision-making process. Moreover, the system can be integrated into the hotel or restaurant’s POS, finance system and FutureLog’s own Inventory Management module.

Aside from the minimal operational cost, FutureLog’s technology is seamless and easy-to-use making it a top choice for hotel technology. The master data is stored and managed in a central location and the procure-to-pay solution is seamlessly integrated into the hotel or restaurant’s existing POS and finance systems that support the automation of manual tasks. Since FutureLog’s procure-to-pay solution is cloud-based, set-up and implementation take a very short time.

FutureLog helps hotels automate tasks, so hoteliers can focus on more important things like giving their guests the best stay.

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