Ensconced in mesmerizing tropical abundance, and with a rhythmic pace of life, Thailand’s profound beauty and compelling culture lends itself naturally to wellbeing and consciousness. Here, the art of wellness – in mind, body and soul – is commonplace as the ritualistic way of life unfolds through dramatic landscapes, sensory wellness experiences and cuisine concepts. “In a post-pandemic world, where luxury travelers are looking for greater purpose to their holiday plans, enhanced wellness experiences have emerged as primary catalysts,” shares Sean Mosher, general manager, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai and Tented Camp Golden Triangle. “At the Four Seasons Resorts Thailand, we have re-calibrated our programs to be immersive and innovative, so that our guests can derive maximum benefit from our exclusive range of treatments and therapies,” adds Jasjit Assi, general manager, Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui.

Wellness by the sea

The quintessential seaside experience on Koh Samui is accentuated by its growing reputation as a destination for wellness, and at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui, this is manifested through a broad spectrum of activities that are inspired by the ‘island life’. Guests can discover the wisdom of ancient Thai wellness at the award-winning The Secret Garden Spa, where traditional techniques of massage and a variety of home-grown herbs and medicinal plants are interwoven into an exclusive range of signature therapies. Private and group sessions of holistic healing with reputed, visiting and local practitioners, are available on request, covering a vast range of therapies including kundalini yoga, and sensory sound healing. For guests looking to reset their circadian rhythm, the newly launched in-villa ‘Sleep Indulgence’ ritual is the ultimate intervention, combining aromatherapy, sound healing, and mindful breathing to induce a deep and restorative night’s sleep.

Set along a dramatic hillside that rolls into the ocean, the possibilities for an active fitness regimen at the resort are endless: from Muay Thai, a Thai combat sport , tennis and volleyball on shore, to snorkeling, kayaking and paddle-boarding in the Gulf of Thailand. Sustainability is at the core of our philosophy of positive engagement between man and habitat, and this ties into a host of environmentally conscious projects at the resort. Our team of experts lead interactive sessions of coral conservation, and beach explorations, that children are also welcome to attend through our Kids For All Seasons program. Keeping cuisine at the core of the wellness experience, personal modules at the resort can be customized to cater to dietary needs, while the daily breakfast buffet and the menu at Pla Pla offer a variety of health specific options.

Healed by mountain air

Far up north and deep in the bamboo jungles of the Golden Triangle, the path to wellness is an ‘off the grid’ adventure on its own. Live in our luxurious tented accommodation at Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, and connect with nature for some digital detox that can have miraculous effects on your consciousness. Attuning to nature’s rhythm, guests can begin early, and join the kilometer long hike up to Camp Peak, where they are rewarded with glorious sunrise views over the horizon. Our jogging routes transcribe this riverine landscape, crossing over the Ruak River and circumnavigating the camp. Cycling enthusiasts can enjoy the local way of life, crisscrossing through tapioca and pineapple fields while on tour. Surrender to some rest and recuperation afterwards at our exotic jungle spa. Experience the healing benefits of locally foraged mountain herbs and spices, while focusing on your mindfulness through signature treatments like the Ruak Bamboo massage, Mekong Meditation and the Myanmar Thanaka Brightening Mask, that are inspired by the three intersecting cultures that coalesce at this point. The Lhong Rak Chiang Rai Couples Connect is a special sensory spa experience that is especially recommended for couples looking for an intimate jungle escape.

Mindful living at the countryside

With a legacy of over two decades, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is a true reflection of the spiritual heartland of Thailand with easy access on property to forms of dynamic wellness ( cycling/Muay Thai/Tennis/ Gym) or Meditative wellness Yoga/meditation/Singing Bowl Healing and slow living practices) Wrapped in verdant rice fields and overlooking the mystical peaks of Doi Suthep, wellness takes on a deeper meaning here, as guests are encouraged to embrace a life lived in balance – integrating body, mind, and soul.

Anchored in slow living as meditative forms of art, pottery and tie & dye help u get so focused on the creative act of making that there’s no room for your other thoughts or worries; it provides your mind with a much-needed rest from these areas of your life. Discover time-honored tools and techniques used in rice cultivation, learn to plant shoots first-hand from our experienced farmers, spin the potter’s wheel or create beautiful art on fabric with natural dyes. Walk through our carefully nurtured herb and vegetable garden, and help our friendly water buffalo with their ritualistic bath.

“The Art of Mindful Living is central to our wellness orientation,” explains director of spa, Saowapa Thumapun, “The four pillars of physical rejuvenation, mental equilibrium, spiritual renewal and true nourishment stand as one.” Besides the packaged four-night experience that includes clay molding, yoga, sound healing, a monk offering experience, a spa session, nourishing meals and more, the resort also offers a range of customized half-day and full-day programs that focus on balancing the body’s circadian rhythm. Our Rhythmic Balance Programs are designed to provide a deeper understanding of the imbalances that may occur due to lifestyle choices.

Physical balance: Foster connection with the healing power of nature. Suggested experiences include energy circuit, Pilates, body toning, wheel yoga, Muay Thai and traditional Thai massage.

Mental balance: This experience is suited for those who want to reconnect with their inner self, de-stress, feel grounded and work through mental blocks. Suggested experiences include sunrise yoga, hatha yoga, nature trail, pottery class, crystal sound healing and harmonic hand massage.

Spiritual balance: Nurture your spirit, reflect inward and emerge with renewed energy. Suggested experiences include yoga nidra, monk chat at the temple, pranayama, reiki healing, guided meditation and foot reflexology.

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