Lots can be said about how amazing London is to visit, but if there’s one downside we can all agree on it’s how different our bank accounts look when we get back home.

London is a true icon, but with that comes a large shadow cast over the rest of the United Kingdom.

Manchester, Birmingham, Belfast – these are all cities we may recognize, but they don’t hold a candle to London in terms of popularity.

The point being that the U.K. is one of the easiest European countries to reach from the U.S., but oftentimes, travelers stick to what they know here.

Between highly underrated beaches, storybook towns, and eye-popping cultural cities, it’s time for travelers to broaden their horizons of what the U.K. has to offer, like York, for example.

History meets luxury in this gorgeous U.K. city and it’s much cheaper (and safer) than London.

The Only Place In Shambles You’ll Want To Visit

English is a funny language and there is no better proof than Americans visiting the U.K., or vice versa.

Touristy street in York

Anyone who visited Detroit after the city’s historic collapse would say it was in shambles, but in England, “shambles” takes on a whole new meaning, like many other phrases you better get used to across the pond.

Shambles are good thing here, one of the city’s main draws in fact. Think winding narrow streets lined by preserved medieval buildings, local shops, and traditional pubs serving up tasty treats like minced pie.

Perusing this side of the city will take you back centuries, from the picturesque timber-framed architecture to the unmissable marvel that is the Gothic-style York Minster.

As the city of York dates back to the Roman ages, word on the street is you’re not the only visitor.

Shambles sign in front of York Minster

Many ghost stories have been passed down, including with tourists.

One of the most popular attractions offered in The Shambles are ‘Ghost Walks’ provided through multiple tour operators.

Preserved History With Modern Flair

Once we cross the ocean, there are so many different types of experiences at travelers’ fingertips.

Picture-perfect beaches, bucket-list cities, historical sites, and so much more.

York belongs in the “fairytale” category as you won’t find a better preserved city who embraces their history, yet has done a remarkable job adding modern touches.

York Wall and York Minster

No, it’s not like Cuba where you will feel as if you were sent back to 1957 with pink Cadillacs everywhere.

What you will feel like is like you flipped a page and entered a medieval storybook surrounded by the city’s ancient walls like a fairytale fortress.

Yet within those walls are ample opportunities to level up your stay at some ritzy accommodations.

And remember, we’re not talking about London prices here…

York Beats London’s Prices Any Day Of The Week

London may be the household name of the U.K., but York is an incredible city that is arguably more authentic, and undoubtedly more affordable.

Middletons Hotel in York

4-star hotels like the Middleton can be found in the low $100s this summer, and even cheaper in fall.

Whereas if you were to make London your base, a 3-star hotel might be double the price. Here, 3-star hotels can be as low as $42, according to the Daily Express.

And you may be wondering the best way to reach York. Well, if you want to keep your travel budget in check, then your best bet is taking a train with fares as low as $38.

Not to mention there are a handful of museums free to enter as well as the York Art Gallery’s permanent collections.

Train in York, U.K.

The beauty of York is in its fascinating history and stunning architecture. It’s rare to find a city that hasn’t lost its charm.

That’s not to say that there aren’t touristy areas, but you don’t have to blur your vision to see the allure of York.

One of the best ways to go about your visit, especially on a tight budget, is by booking a walking tour or visiting one of the many beautiful, historic churches dotted around the city.

York’s Visitor Information Centre provides self-guided walking tours and there are many churches open during daylight to see inside.

Inside York Minster

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