Hormuz Island: The Rainbow Island in the South of Iran

Hormuz Island: The Rainbow Island in the South of Iran

Hormuz Island is my favorite place in Iran because of its breathtaking landscape and unique culture. It’s one of the most colorful and magical islands not in the Middle East but in the world, and one of the most intact islands in Iran.

You will love the wide range of colors in nature on this tiny island. When you wander around, you will see different shades and hues of red, yellow, ochre, orange, green, white, brown, beige, gold, grey, and turquoise colors. This is why the island is also called the Rainbow Island of Iran.

Life is simply fascinating on the island. The locals use the red soil of Hormuz island for cooking and they only use tuk-tuks (rickshaws) and motorbikes to get around the island.

Map of Iran’s Hormuz Island with best places to visit

Just like Qeshm Island, Hormuz Island is also located in the Hormozgan Province of Iran. Hormuz Island is around 20 km from Qeshm Island and about 22 km from Bandar Abbas. Similarly to Qeshm Island, Hormuz is also situated in the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.

These places are to be explored wearing proper shoes, not sandals or flip-flops.

#1 Red beach, Hormuz island

Some articles refer to this beach as the blood beach and the sea there, bloody sea. When my friends saw my photos when I was at Red Beach, they asked me why the water was red. It’s simply because of the red soil which has a high concentration of iron oxide. And when the color of the sand is really red in the water, the waves of the sea become colored pink.

This is one of the most unique beaches in the world.

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Red sand on Hormuz Island – Rainbow Island Iran 

#2 Silver beach, Hormuz Island

The Silver Beach is situated right next to the Red Beach.

This was one of the most interesting beaches I’ve seen in my life. Its sand is shining and glittering so strong and it’s full of colorful stones. I think now you understand why Hormuz Island is also called Rainbow Island.

This is of the most colorful and unique beaches in the world. It's called the Red Beach and it can be found on the Hormuz Island in Iran.

Chilling on the Silver Beach

#3 Rainbow Mountains aka Rainbow valley, Hormuz Island

You can spend time here hiking a few miles if you have time.

Hiking on the Hormuz Island in Iran is an awesome experience. It feels like climibing on another planet.

Up on the colorful mountains with a view of the Persian Gulf – Iranian Islands

Rainbow Island Iran: A plethora of colors in the nature on Hormuz Island, Iran.

The colorful mountains with the different shades and hues of yellow, gold and Bordeaux – Hormuz Island

The Rainbow Island of Iran is full of colors: yellow, orange brown, purple, grey...

Brown, gold, orange and more beautiful colors – Rainbow Island Iran

Rainbow Island Iran: Incredible geological formation on the Hormuz Island in Iran.

Sitting on shell-like rocks – Rainbow Island Iran

#4 Valley Statues, Hormuz Island

If you go to the Valley of Statues, you can experience this wonderful view. What you see down there is called Mofannagh Beach.

The view on the Mofannagh Beach from the from the Valley of Statue.

When you keep falling in love in Iran again and again – Rainbow Island Iran

#5 Silence Valley, Hormuz Island

It’s probably called Silence Valley because it just takes your breath away. The entire Island feels like another planet but this valley had the strongest out of this world features.

The mind-blowing red mountains of the Hormuz Island in Iran.

Walk around the red rocks – Rainbow Island Iran

Rainbow Island Iran: Hiking trail on Hormuz Island, Iran.

Path leading to the unknown on the Rainbow Island of Iran – Iranian Islands

Hiking on the Rainbow Island in Iran

Come and explore the Rainbow Island and with me!

#6 Rainbow Cave, Hormuz Island

The Rainbow cave was the most beautiful caves I’ve seen in my life. I don’t have a decent picture of the cave. So, I cannot show it to you. It was much more colorful than the caves on Qeshm Island.

#7 Hole in the rock , Hormuz Island

It’s simply a big hole in a big rock on one of the beaches.

#8 Soiled Carpet, Hormuz Island

You can find the world’s largest soil carpet on Hormuz Island which was made using 90 different colors soil of the island. When I was there, it was already quite old and faded. Therefore, it wasn’t that interesting.

Rainbow Island Iran: Beach view from our rickshaw on Hormuz Island, Iran.

The road to one of the beaches of the Rainbow Island of Iran – Iran beaches

#9 Portuguese castle, Hormuz Island

This is a fortress left from the colonial times in the 16th century by the Portuguese. It’s very different from any other fortresses I’ve seen. It’s simply because the stones used for building this fortress got a bit red too.

Entrance fee for the Portuguese Castle: 300,000 IRR

#10 Nadalian museum, Hormuz Island

This is a lovely museum owned by Ahmad Nadalian. He is teaching art to local women and sell their products in order to earn some money.

When backpacking in Iran, you will see that there are a lot of different ways to get around the country. The most unique way of moving around in Iran is definitely on Hormuz Island.

There are no cars on the island, only tuk-tuks (rickshaws) and motorbikes.

The entire island is around 30 km with a couple of roads. Thus, it’s really easy to navigate there. Let’s see how to get around on the magnificient Rainbow Island.

Moving around with a Tuktuk on the Rianbow Island I Hormuz Island I Best paces in Iran

Our driver is taking us to the Red Beach of the Rainbow Island

Discovering Hormuz Island by TukTuk

In my opinion, the best way to get around the island is by tuk-tuk (rickshaw). This vehicle can normally accommodate 6-8 people. You can actually see the entire vehicle on the feature image of this blog post.

The price depends on your negotiation skills. It should be between 200,000 (~1.20 € / ~1.30 USD) and 500,000 IRR (~2.90 € / ~3.20 USD) for an hour. The more you are, the less you pay per person.

If you spend a day or 2 days on the Rainbow Island, I would recommend this solution.

Discovering Hormuz Island by bike

You can rent a bike at the harbor when you arrive. There are other places as well to find bikes to rent. They are close to the port. Just ask around and you will find them. It costs a maximum of 100,000 IRR (~0.60 € / ~0.70 USD) per hour. I would personally only rent a bike if I stayed there at least for 3 days.

Discovering Hormuz Island on foot

As the island is really small, you can just walk around. If you are staying a lot of time there, it’s also a wonderful idea.

It is said that the best time to travel to Hormuz, the Rainbow Island, is winter as in winter the temperature is around 25°C degrees (77°F). But this is also when there are so many tourists on Hormuz Island.

I was there at the end of October. At that time, it was around 30°C (86°F). Honestly, it was still too hot for me. It might have been too hot but that is probably why there were no crowds.

Hormuz doesn’t get a lot of foreign tourists but it’s extremely popular among Iranians. If you want to avoid crowds, avoid traveling to Hormuz Island around the weekend which is Friday, and on public holidays.

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